These miracle foods that eliminate painful gas

We are talking here about aerocoly or quite simply the accumulation of gas in the colon. It is important for you to know that gas is a product of healthy digestion. It occurs when bacteria break down carbohydrates in the large intestine. Until then, there is no problem. Indeed, the process is normal, but the problem arises when the production of gas is too high. This leads to flatulence, swelling of the abdomen, distended belly and suffering during digestion.

The different causes of painful gas

This problem is directly related to the digestive disorders and intestinal. The causes are mainly at the origin of poor diets, alcohol abuse, the absorption of a large amount of air during a meal, the reduction of antibodies and the natural intestinal flora. The symptoms consist of stomach achesbloating and belching.

How to prevent painful gases?

As prevention, you can:

  • target and avoid foods that are not tolerated by your gut,
  • choose and select your food well (take only healthy and safe food),
  • swallow a sufficient proportion of water throughout the day.

At the table, take the time to eat well: chewing meals slowly and without talking too much. This avoids theindigestion and air absorption.

Painful gas: what are the remedies?

For fight against various intestinal ailmentsyou have the choice between:

  • taking medication (ask your usual doctor for advice),
  • the reduction of ultra fat, too heavy and very rich in fiber foods.
  • and the elimination of stress which is the source of any disorder, in particular intestinal. Life is getting harder and harder, and this approach may not be easy to adopt or practice, but it is the best solution. It can prevent, combat and relieve painful gas. So, make efforts and improve your mood.
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These miracle foods that eliminate painful gas

There are beneficial foods and plants to better deal with this type of discomfort: rosemary, dandelion, thyme, lemon balm, sage and herbal teas. Provided that your intestines do not suffer from hypersensitivity to fructose, you can promote the consumption of fruit. Application of certain oils such as coconut on the stomach (while massaging lightly) can also help reduce pain.

Note also that for best avoid painful gasthere are :

  • Foods that should never be taken (sodas, any type of carbonated water, alcoholic beverages, coffee, beans, cabbage, broccoli, eggs, red meats and lactose).
  • Habits to eliminate such as always chewing gum or talking while eating.


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