These preparation errors that affect your session

beginner tips

Beginner mistakes not to make in bodybuilding

1. Don’t stretch

For a long time, it was advised to stretch your muscles before attacking your bodybuilding session. But recently, scientists have found that this is actually counterproductive. Not only can stretching a muscle when cold promote injury, but it also reduces muscle strength, which is essential for intense training.

2. Don’t do high-intensity cardio

It’s okay to do a bit of cardio at a moderate pace to warm up before doing strength training. In contrast, high-intensity cardio (HIIT), especially if done before the session, will reduce your power and anabolic processes.

3. Try not to stress

Stress has an extremely negative impact on building muscle. In times of stress, the body raises cortisol levels which destroy muscle tissue and encourage fat storage. Additionally, stress and anxiety inhibit your ability to concentrate, limiting neuro-muscular connection and promoting injury. Try to avoid stressful situations before going to practice.

4. Don’t binge

Pre-workout nutrition is key to having a good workout and providing the nutrients needed by muscles for growth and recovery. But the best is the enemy of the good and overeating can cause stomach cramps and nausea. Also, when the stomach and liver are busy metabolizing a lot of food, the blood rushes to the organs and not to the muscleswhich reduces muscle congestion and exercise efficiency.

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