Things to avoid and do to increase testosterone naturally

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Things to avoid for more testosterone

Symptoms of low testosterone are: fatigue, low libido, weight gain and insomnia.

Testosterone levels:
What you should not do

sleeping too little

A quick review of studies on the subject clearly shows that sleep deprivation causes a significant drop in testosterone. An interesting study highlights that men who sleep 4 hours a night or less have 60% less testosterone than men who sleep 8 hours or more. Obviously, sleeping little is bad for your health and especially for your hormonal production.

eat sugar

The research presented at theEndocrine Society found that ingesting sugar can lower testosterone by up to 25%. One more reason to limit the consumption of sugary food products!

What to do

Go to the sun!

Vitamin D is a great natural testosterone booster, but most people are deficient in it. Be careful to have a sufficient dosage in your multivitamin. Vitamin D increases hormonal secretion and PTO, all the more reason to knock off the t-shirt when the sun is shining!

Lift heavy loads

It is surely in your habits to do bodybuilding. If not and you feel your testosterone levels are low, give it a try! Doing squats and heavy deadlifts will boost your hormonal secretion drastically.

Work on your body language

Body language influences our leadership ability, our mood and of course our hormonal system. Body postures impact our mind and having a submissive body language raises the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Testosterone is the hormone of dominance: having a confident and optimistic posture conditions you and lowers cortisol levels by 25%.

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