This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Cup Of Coffee

For many of us, coffee is an integral (some might say vital) part of our daily lives. Most people can’t function before their morning cup of coffee, and others need it in the morning to maintain regularity. But is coffee really a natural laxative? Or is it just an old wives tale? We looked to the science to find out what actually happens to your body when you drink a cup of coffee. Plus, we’ve discovered other ways coffee can help (or harm) your health.

Is coffee a natural laxative?

As many coffee lovers know, sometimes it’s important to schedule our morning run to the bathroom after our cup of coffee, or vice versa. It turns out that coffee can make you poop because it stimulates the muscles in the colon. Which helps it circulate its content, which ends up making you poop.

There are many theories to explain this phenomenon. But, surprisingly, it’s not because of the caffeine. A 1990 study from the journal Gut showed that regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee had the same effect on participants’ bowel movements. Some have speculated that it may be the acidity of coffee that triggers our stomachs to secrete gastric acid to move transit forward. However, drinks like orange juice are also acidic. But they don’t have the same effect. It doesn’t seem like it’s the temperature either.

Those who drink iced coffee may still feel a relatively immediate urge to go to the bathroom, and those who drink other hot beverages do not. Nobody really knows why coffee can make you run to the bathroom. Just that it triggers your intestinal muscles and has an added benefit to help you have an efficient bowel movement.

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While coffee’s ability to make you poop is well known, did you know that it can also make us run to the bathroom for another reason? Coffee is known as a bladder irritant. That is, certain foods or drinks that can cause our bladder to be overstimulated, resulting in urgency and even incontinence.

Common components of bladder irritants are:


artificial sweeteners,

carbonation and caffeine.

Depending on how we drink our coffee, it could be ticking all of these boxes. If you’re constantly thinking about your next bathroom break, coffee could be the culprit.

How coffee affects the brain

The major active ingredient in coffee is caffeine. It’s what helps us feel more alert and awake, even early in the morning or late at night. It does this by mimicking the structure of a brain chemical called adenosine. Adenosine actually makes us feel tired. Our body produces more adenosine during the day, which helps us fall asleep at night. When caffeine enters the body, it clings to the receptors that bind adenosine and blocks them to prevent us from getting tired.

Eventually, as we adapt to a daily dose of coffee, our brain adapts too. Which creates more adenosine receptors which in turn need more caffeine to keep you awake. This is why you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you try to kick the coffee habit or notice that you go from two to three cups a day.

Can coffee have negative effects on the body?

Although coffee is used by millions of people to stay awake and alert, some of us are not lucky enough to experience such a positive effect. Coffee can also make people nervous and anxious. Indeed, caffeine triggers the “fight or flight” response. Actually filling us with adrenaline. It can increase our heart rate, make us sweat, and even sharpen our hearing. And while all of this is very useful for trying to outrun a tiger in the jungle, it’s not as useful for writing an important document for work. If you’re someone who is bothered by coffee or drinks too much of it, but still want the benefits of caffeine, try swapping it out for green or black tea. Certain teas may also help improve digestive health.

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