Tips for losing belly fat naturally

Everyone wants to have a flat and toned stomach. But to get there, some habits have to change. It is the diet that must be taken care of to lose belly fat. In addition, you need some physical activity. Otherwise, digestive well-being must be guaranteed. Namely that other factors make it possible to lose belly fat.

Food to lose belly fat

The natural way to lose belly fat quality food remains. Certain foods promote the gain of a flat stomach while other foods are responsible for round bellies.

Favorite foods

It’s necessary eat seasonal fruits and vegetables regularly. You can take whole grains and unrefined grain products. To this will be added vegetable proteins and lean animal proteins. Give preference to legumes, vegetable oils, plain water. Homemade meals are better.

Foods to avoid

It is forbidden to consume industrial dishes and processed foods. Avoid fatty meats and cold cuts, saturated and trans fats, refined cereals and white bread. Limit your sugar and salt intake. Avoid alcohol, pastries, pastries, industrial biscuits, sodas, sugary drinks, etc.

Menus for a flat stomach

In the morning you can drink green tea. Eat homemade oat bran, nut and dried fruit muesli with oat milk and fruit compote. At lunch, you can eat grilled vegetable salad with rapeseed oil and thyme, chicken fillet, yogurt and lemon sauce, cooked quinoa and fresh fruit. In the evening, you can have miso soup with seaweed, white fish en papillote, fermented cabbage with sesame, roasted apple with cinnamon and an infusion of lemon, ginger and honey.

Exercises to lose belly fat

Exercise for lose belly fat naturally. The practice must be regular, at high intensity, with the right exercises. We recommend that you do cladding exercises and exercises that mobilize all muscle groups. This is the case with plank, burpee, running, high intensity interval training or HIIT, etc.

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Digestive well-being to lose belly fat

The swollen belly can be due to abdominal distension, bloating, transit problems, poor intestinal flora. To avoid these problems, it is necessary consume probiotic foods. For example kefir, miso, whole grains, etc. Foods that cause gas and transit problems should be excluded. For example sodas, chewing gum, legumes, etc.

Other factors for losing belly fat

External factors make it possible to lose belly fat. For example, you need to get enough sleep every day. Avoid stress and anxiety by doing meditation and breathing exercises. Every day, take some time for yourself by doing something you enjoy.


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