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Dry skin can strike anyone without exception. It can occur during the winter season as well as in the summer season. To treat dry skin, there are not only daily gestures to take into consideration. Natural ingredients are also available, but to be used under indications only.

Daily actions against dry skin

Daily gestures are to be adopted to treat the dry skin. Indeed, dry skin is generally due to unhealthy lifestyles on a daily basis.

At the level of the toilet, you must take a shower with lukewarm or cool water. Products suitable for you with a neutral pH are to be preferred. Soaps and shower gels are not ideal for this. Shower oils are recommended instead. After each shower, remember to dry yourself well and apply moisturizer to the skin. Note that dry skin needs exfoliation once or twice a week. This is an essential step to stimulate it.

Hydration is also possible from the inside for avoid the dry skin. In terms of food, you must eat healthy, varied and balanced foods. Eat vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. rich in moisturizer. Consuming water regularly throughout the day helps rebalance water in the body.

Natural ingredients against dry skin

Dry skin can be resolved using many natural solutions. There are 3 natural ingredients, the most effective.

This oil is easily absorbed by the skin to form a protective layer. It can be applied directly to dry skin as it can be poured into your bath. Its application can be done every day without problem.

  • Elderflower cream
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To prepare it, mix the emulsifying wax, elderflower, glycerin and water in a bain-marie. Cook everything over low heat for 3 hours. Apply the resulting cream to dry skin 3 times a day.

Aloe gel has moisturizing properties on the skin. It is therefore possible to apply it to the skin for a few minutes and rinse it off. In addition, it has a peeling effect to remove dead cells from dry skin.

Contraindications for treating dry skin

Not everyone can use the aforementioned natural ingredients. It’s possible that some people can’t stand the effects of the ingredients on their skin. These are people who are allergic to the component parts of the ingredients.

For other people, it is their personal situations that prevent them from using them. This is the case, for example, with pregnant women and breastfeeding women. The same goes for young children who have much more fragile skin.

There are people with much more serious skin diseases who cannot use this kind of ingredient to heal themselves. People who follow a special treatment whose interactions with natural ingredients are prohibited.

In any case, it is recommended to see a general practitioner or a dermatologist before using these natural ingredients.


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