To spend the winter quiet: think of propolis

Propolis is a hive product less known than honey, but which has many health benefits.

From ancient times, the Romans used it to relieve the pain of wounded soldiers on the battlefield and to disinfect their wounds. The Greeks and Egyptians also used it for its medicinal properties. Propolis is a substance composed of vegetable resin collected by the bee and to which wax and a little pollen are mixed. The composition of propolis can thus vary from one hive to another. It essentially depends on the variety of plants foraged by bees. In general, propolis consists mainly of resin and wax: 40 to 50% resin and 25% wax, to be more precise. It may also contain pollen and essential oils.

The health benefits of propolis

In the hive, propolis is used to disinfect, seal breaches or mummify the bodies of intruders. For humans, propolis can be consumed or used in local application. Propolis has antibiotic properties. Consuming it helps to strengthen the immune system and can protect against fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Propolis also has antitussive and anesthetic properties. It makes it possible to reduce the pathologies of the respiratory system while being effective in the prevention of diseases of the ENT sphere. Propolis also has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

Propolis for wounds and facilitate healing

It can be used to clean wounds and disinfect them. Applying propolis to a wound stimulates tissue regeneration and thus accelerates healing. It helps to treat skin conditions such as fungal infections or warts. Studies have shown that propolis helps improve oral hygiene and thereby prevent the appearance of canker sores and cavities. In addition, it can relieve muscle pain due to joint problems.

Some tips for choosing and using propolis

– Propolis is sold in different forms: sucking gum, capsules, spray, powder, liquid extract, etc. Whatever form you choose, it is best to opt for organic propolis.

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– Also remember to check the method of extraction of the product. If propolis is not extracted properly, it may contain wax and animal impurities. The method of extraction by ultrasound is the most interesting method since it is the one which allows to have a pure propolis, which preserves all the active principles of the product.

– If you are allergic to any bee product, avoid using propolis. Not sure if you are allergic to it or not? Easy, start by pouring a small drop of liquid propolis on your arm. If after a few hours pimples appear or you feel itchy, it is best not to take or use propolis.


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