Top 1O of the best detox foods in winter

detox :

The best detox foods: fruits, vegetables

Leek, for its richness in potassium which helps the work of the kidneys. In addition they contain in the white part a sugar, fructan which is also a super diuretic. Their long fibers serve as brooms for the intestines.

They bring the sulfur compounds to the liver for its detoxification.

Who says better ?

Celery also rich in patassium, it activates the kidneys. Traditionally it is used for gout and rheumatism, because with its phthalides, among others, it promotes the elimination of our waste including urea and uric acid.

Its seeds can be consumed in herbal tea with a depurative action.

Dandelion acts on the liver by optimizing its elimination functions, it increases the production of bile and lowers cholesterol levels.

On the kidneys it promotes its diuresis.

The intestines will appreciate its fibers.

On the fruit side:

the Lemon tones the digestive system, it is good for dissolving bile sludge. Attention it is not indicated for subjects in acidosis, chilly or having joint pain. Because in this case it aggravates metabolic acidosis.

Pineapple with its bromelain facilitates the digestion of proteins by increasing digestive secretions. Be careful, canned pineapple no longer has bromelain.

Grapefruit very rich in water is a good diuretic while promoting the work of the liver / gallbladder couple. Some even lend it a fat burning effect. In reality, it makes it possible to metabolize fats better and therefore to store them less. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C.

A possible cure would be to consume ½ grapefruit in the morning for 3 weeks. As for the lemon to avoid for the chilly subjects and/or in acidosis.

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For intakes of low glycemic index sugars, I recommend :

white beans for their richness in potassium and fiber avoiding adding too much fat, because they become indigestible. Olive oil is a good choice, however.

Wholemeal pasta cooked al dente with olive oil also accompanied by vegetables are a good source of vitamin B1 and selenium for alcohol detox.

For the supply of qualitative animal proteins, I suggest:

The lineeasily digestible, as a lean fish, which is rich in minerals.

Alternatively the sole is interesting even if it contains less minerals, but it is rich in B vitamins and Phosphorus.

For dairy products, limit yourself to fresh goat’s or sheep’s cheese, because they are easily assimilated, rich in phosphorus and calcium, without exceeding 3 to 4 rations per week. Avoid combining them with other animal proteins or acidic fruits.

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Author :

Alain Huot is a naturopathic graduate. He completed his training at the European College of Traditional Holistic Naturopathy (Cenatho) founded and directed by Daniel Kieffer. This course opened the doors to the various fields of natural medicine. Thus, he trained in aromatherapy, energy medicine, sophrology, psycho-emotional therapy and then in nutritional and functional medicine.

He is the author of the book “Fasting, a Royal Path for the health of body and mind”. Ed Dangles.

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