Trace elements favored in a special osteoporosis diet

Not everyone stays young all their life. Yes, over the years, wrinkles and dark circles appear and bones become fragile. Over time, you may develop osteoporosis or even multiple fractures. Moreover, this disease claims many victims each year. So to avoid and remedy these phenomena, you should work on your nutrition and practice physical activity. It is also necessary to approach a doctor to receive the appropriate medication. Moreover, to strengthen your bones, you must even adopt a special osteoporosis diet.

Avoid fractures with a special osteoporosis diet.

Do you know what causes osteoporosis? In general, this disease occurs naturally, as we age. It is manifested by a loss of some bone mass in the body. This will then lead to brittleness of the bones. As it is a natural phenomenon, however, you can prevent it by constantly monitoring the health of your bones. To do this, you just need to work on your diet. In other words, consider adopting a special osteoporosis diet. What are the effects of the latter?

  • It strengthens the essential nutrients for the body and for the bones, thus ensuring their preservation;
  • It blocks bone degradation or osteoporosis;
  • It relieves the pain felt following this bone disease;
  • It helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Some points to respect for this practice

By adopting a osteoporosis special dietyou must respect certain principles:

  • Reduce the consumption of acidifying foods and favor alkalizing ones. These promote the production of basic substances present in the blood. However, by consuming acidic foods, you risk promoting your osteoporosis;
  • Promote sources of calcium, magnesium and vitamins: D and K;
  • Restrict the consumption of coffee or alcohol as much as possible;
  • Stop consuming sources of sodium;
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits given their alkalizing properties. Moreover, the consumption of nuts, daily, is essential. ;
  • Salt contributes to the loss of calcium, an essential element for your bones. Therefore, remember to limit your salt consumption;
  • Know how to select the fats to consume. Take more omega-3 and less omega-6;
  • Dairy products certainly promote calcium, but you have to be careful with the products chosen.
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What does it consume for the health of your bones?

With a special osteoporosis diet, it is necessary to choose the foods consumed carefully. So what is the recommended nutrition ? It is :

  • All foods containing calcium such as green vegetables, dairy products or vegetable milks;
  • All alkaline foods. There is ale kefir, fruit juice, mineral water, or oilseeds
  • All sources of vitamin K. Remember, this nutrient helps support bone health. To do this, eat cabbage, broccoli, soybean oil or olive oil;
  • Foods rich in vitamin D such as fatty fish;
  • Dietary fiber and antioxidants.


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