Trace elements for athletes

Trace elements have a valuable role in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. Used well, they can help you recover after exertion or treat the most common injuries.

Oligotherapy (or use of trace elements for therapeutic purposes) is a therapy by absorption of minerals and metals in infinitesimal doses called trace elements. It is, like many methods of care, as old as the world.

In fact, oligotherapy only acquired a real identity and began to make its entry into modern medicine with the work of Dr. jacques Menetrier in the 1940s. notable in a few days of arterial hypertension after the administration of minute doses of cobalt. Like many alternative medicines, the role of oligotherapy is to treat the body in a global way and to work to restore its natural faculties of equilibration. Trace elements act as co-enzymes, facilitating and accelerating enzymatic reactions in the body.

Copper anti-inflammatory against tendonitis

It is naturally contained in seafood, beef liver and pulses.

It stimulates immune defences, promotes the production of red blood cells and that of tendons or ligaments, protects the walls of blood vessels, reduces inflammatory processes, slows down the expansion of free radicals responsible for tissue aging and intervenes in the production of hormones. . In terms of sport, you should know that the regular practice of an intensive sporting activity causes stress and disturbances that are both biological and physiological. Also, copper is frequently in a state of deficiency in many assiduous athletes: its contribution makes it possible to modulate inflammatory and degenerative states at the joint, muscle and tendon level.

In sports traumatology, copper is used for its important anti-inflammatory properties, alone or in combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs whose effects it potentiates. It can be prescribed during the acute course of a sprain, tendinopathy, muscle damage. The duration of the copper prescription usually varies between 1 to 2 weeks (copper granions, copper oligosol, etc.). In rheumatology, copper can be prescribed long-term at low doses to slow down the development of degenerative arthropathies such as osteoarthritis.

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Silicon: draining and healing

It is very present on earth and in the body. It is essential for the formation of the skeleton and intervenes directly in the fight against atherosclerosis, many skin pathologies and cellular aging. We know that its intake by food supplement in mineral form is not assimilated by the body. It must therefore either be absorbed in the form of “organic silicon”, or in vegetable form (bamboo, horsetail, nettle, mushrooms, olives, bran).

The role of silicon on the formation and integrity of connective tissue has thus been demonstrated. Through its ability to form rigid bonds -O-Si-O-, it would act as a structuring and mineralizing agent between the different macromolecules of the extracellular matrix of connective tissues (ligament, muscle, tendon, aponeurosis, cartilage, periosteum, etc. ) and bone tissue, with a particular action on collagen, proteoglycans and elastin.

Its contribution is essential to the elasticity of the tissues particularly at the level of the tendons and the muscles. In colloidal form, it is a treatment that facilitates the “healing” of connective tissue after trauma as well as a powerful blood drainer that is perfectly indicated in the recovery phases after intense sporting effort.

Selenium: antioxidant and promotes recovery

It is present above all in foods of animal origin (meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, etc.), in brewer’s yeast, cereals or wheat germ. Food supplements often combine it with vitamin E which promotes its absorption and potentiates its effects.

Selenium is an essential mineral with multiple functions. It strengthens the immune system, slows cell aging, limits anxiety, increases sperm production, eliminates excess toxic metals (lead, mercury). It is a powerful antioxidant that has interesting anti-inflammatory properties. It adapts particularly to the oxidative stress of intensive endurance sport, for which it ensures the prevention of the inflammatory state. In high-level athletes, it is often recommended to improve the metabolism when approaching a competition but also to facilitate recovery in asthenia secondary to infectious, operative or traumatic stress.

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Faced with any capsule-ligament or tendino-muscular trauma:

The combination of copper and silicon gives good results by acting on inflammation and allowing faster reconstitution of the collagen framework.

Combine, for example, 2 ampoules of copper Granions 2 to 3 times a day for 2 weeks and 120 drops of silicon (Dissolvurol) to dilute in 1.5 liters of water and drink throughout the day

To treat tendinopathy, use the protocol mentioned above.

To prevent microtrauma, especially in runners:

take 1 ampoule of selenium per day to reduce the risk of micro-ischemia at the joint level following repeated shocks.

take 1 ampoule of copper morning and evening at a long-term spun dose to avoid the development of tendinopathies.

Dr. Gilles Mondoloni


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