Traditional Chinese Medicine for Disease Control

To treat a symptom or disease, some medicines seek to restore communication between functions in the body. Such is the case with traditional Chinese medicine. This aims for a good harmony of energy in the body. This practice continues to spread more and more in several countries today. But how does it work exactly?

What is this medicine?

The traditional chinese medicine advocates the unity of human beings. In other words, the latter forms a complex whole, and all the elements in its body are interdependent. Therefore, this practice considers that, for a healthy lifestyle, it is important to ensure its balance. It therefore seeks to improve your connection with your body, even to aim for this harmony so urged. Indeed, she considers that the disease causes dysfunction in the relationship between the different organic functions. This medicine is above all a system of care that improves the circulation of energy in the body as well as outside. Its mode of operation is therefore based on the QI or on the vital energy. Thus, this system brings together different practices as well as theories around this energy. It precisely integrates therapeutic tools such as Tui Na massageacupuncture, Qi Gong or Chinese dietetics.

Traditional Chinese medicine: what is its history?

It is undoubtedly one of the oldest medicines in the world. Indeed, the traditional chinese medicine dates from the time of the Yellow Emperor, i.e. 2697 years before Jesus Christ. According to some historians, this emperor would have written a treaty concerning this practice. However, others claim that this treatise was created 206 years BC, during the Han dynasty. Nevertheless, today, the world recognizes the benefits of this medicine to treat many diseases. It continues to develop scientifically. Moreover, currently, some researchers are still focusing on the positive effects and the possible negative effects of this practice.

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What does this practice offer?

Like any other treatment, traditional Chinese medicine aims to improve your health. It helps your body to to face illnesses. Nevertheless, this medicine offers much more than this prevention:

  • It treats your skin disorders;
  • It is effective in case of neurological, respiratory or digestive disorders;
  • It fights against certain infections;
  • It cures hormonal or genital problems;
  • It is even effective in case of emotional problems;
  • It is an excellent ally for losing weight;
  • It relieves joint and muscle pain;

Thanks to the good circulation of energy in the body, it therefore strengthens the immune system.

What is the working principle of this medicine?

Considered a holistic medicine, it includes 5 specific tools. So to determine the appropriate practice suited for your body, you start with a consultation session. Here, the specialist is responsible for analyzing your entire condition. As a result, exams can last up to 1 hour. Once the analysis is complete, it offers you some practices:

  • I’acupuncture: it is based on the insertion of sterile needles on the body for its appeasement;
  • the Tui Na massage which aims to massage the painful parts by following the meridian paths. It also improves joint mobility. Here the practitioner can use Gua Sha to get rid of bad energies;
  • The acupressure, which is aimed at children or people who do not support acupuncture. It works like the latter, with the only difference that it is done with the fingers and not with needles;
  • The pharmacopoeia which relies on the use of therapeutic substances.
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Depending on your diagnosis, the practitioner may also recommend Tai Chi or Qi Gong exercises. They require gentle movements for relaxation and mental work.


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