Treat atopic dermatitis with simple and natural methods

A skin disease linked to a genetic anomaly, atopic dermatitis generally affects newborns. It is generally short-lived, but sometimes persists beyond a few months or even years. Initially in the form of dry skin, it then occurs in flare-ups and is not contagious. It produces inflammatory reactions. Calendula cream is an effective remedy for softening atopic skin.

Causes and symptoms of atopic dermatitis

The disease is typically genetic in nature. It has characteristic symptoms and evolves into allergic diseases with age.

  • Causes and aggravating factors

Atopic dermatitis occurs in individuals who have a first-degree relative. The probability of being affected is 80% when both parents carry the gene.

This hereditary disorder decreases skin tightness. It becomes permeable to allergens and other pathogens and dries out more and more.

The disorder worsens under the action of external factors such as pollen, mites or animal hair. Ambient air pollution and contact with irritants promote the onset of symptoms. Fatigue, stress and the consumption of certain foods can also lead to the persistence of the disease.

The first sign of the atopic dermatitis is the drying of the skin. It is accompanied by irritating pruritus. Lesions appear, different according to the stage of evolution. Sometimes water vesicles are imperceptible. Red patches, sometimes oozing appear on the skin. During the first few months, these plaques are located on the face, torso and limbs. They migrate to the folds of the joints and behind the ears after the second month. In adulthood, the disease can lead to the onset of allergic rhinitis or asthma.

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Calendula cream to cure atopic dermatitis

The worry or calendula has been used since the Middle Ages for its medicinal properties. It contains carotenes, esters-faradiols and salicylic acid. It also contains essential oils. Thanks to its different elements, it has virtues to solve skin disorders. The preparation of the cream goes through two stages.

The oil is prepared in a very simple way, but takes time. Fill a jar with dry leaves. It is then poured in organic oil, preferably olive or soy. This mixture is left to stand, exposed to the sun for at least 3 weeks.

  • Preparation of the cream

To make the cream itself, 60 ml of the previously prepared oil is filtered. It is mixed with 8 g of beeswax. The mixture is heated in a bain-marie. When the wax is melted, the mixture is removed from the heat source. Beat it with a whisk to make it homogeneous. The cream can be kept for 6 months in a well-sterilized jar. It is applied to the skin on the affected parts of the body.


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