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The affections of the stomach and of the digestive tract produce painful consequences. They come from factors of external origin. Prescribing the appropriate treatment requires diagnosis by biopsy and fibroscopy. Natural medications are adapted to manage gastroenteritis and gastritis.

Causes and Symptoms of Gastric Conditions

Gastritis or gastroenteritis comes from an aggression from an external element. This then involves a inflammation in the stomach or intestine accompanied by various reactions.

Gastroenteritis literally means inflammation of the stomach and intestine. It occurs following a microbial infestation. Norovirus causes illness in adults and older children. In the youngest and infants, it comes from the action of rotavirus. It appears especially during the cold seasons. It reaches the body through food or faeces. Thus, it can occur by food poisoning. In this case, the pathogenic entity is of a bacterial nature, contained in contaminated food.

The gastritis specifically localizes on the stomach lining. It can be linked to a viral or bacterial infection, or an allergic reaction. Gastritis also occurs following an abundant ingestion of alcohol or taking an anti-inflammatory. It sometimes testifies to a dietary imbalance or an endocrine disorder.

Stomach inflammation is the common manifestation of both conditions. In case of gastroenteritis, it is accompanied by nausea, then diarrhea. It then causes fever and migraines, and abdominal pain. Complications can induce digestive bleeding and dizziness. They cause a permanent thirst and a painful swollen abdomen.

Gastritis is manifested in addition to burns by glossitis and canker sores. It causes long-term loss of appetite. In the case of hemorrhagic gastritis, blood may appear in the vomit.

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Rice water treatment

Rice is the staple food of many people. It contains many nutrients beneficial to health.

The main nutritional asset of rice is obviously starch. It promotes rehydration of the body. Rice also contains many minerals, vitamins and omega 3. It relieves inflammation and reduces digestive discomfort.

  • Preparation and dosage

I’rice water prepare in a more than simple way. It’s just a matter of cooking the rice in a fairly large volume of water. The liquid content is then separated from the solid. The water thus extracted can be drunk without limitation of quantity. It can even constitute the necessary daily hydration.

Blueberry herbal tea

Bilberry, the main ingredient of this remedy, is an abundant source of vitamins. It also contributes to the prevention and fight against infections. It attenuates the inflammatory stomach pain.

The herbal tea consists of 30 grams of dried blueberries. They are boiled for about 3 minutes in water. Then dry leaves of walnut and sage are added for an infusion of 5 minutes. Kept warm, this herbal tea is drunk in several daily doses, with the addition of Swedish elixir.


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