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Auriculotherapy is used to improve your body’s self-repair in times of illness. Combined with other treatments, it prevents and/or cures certain ailments. Moreover, it is quite common to see health centers currently offering this practice. However, even though this practice works like acupuncture, this therapy is not part of Chinese medicine.

Auriculotherapy: what is it?

Auriculotherapy belongs to the category ofacupuncture as well as acupressure, but it is done at the level of the ears. Indeed, the technique focuses particularly on the pinna of the ear to relieve many pains or ailments. This zone represents the auricular somatotopy or the cartography of the body. It therefore contains several points attached to the nervous system. Thereby, implant small needles in the reflex zones of this part will cause certain actions. This treatment is recommended in case of migraines, sciatica, pain following an intervention or radiotherapy. It also soothes the pain caused by a back pain or at the level of the sensory nerve.

Who initiated this practice?

I’auriculotherapy form two words: therapy ” and ” auricula meaning heal and ear. Belonging to field of reflexology, this practice dates back several years, more particularly in 1951. Dr. Paul François Marie NOGIER is at its origin. He had a great interest in the practices of a healer and wanted to work around the auricular pavilion. He therefore asserted that the ear offers a good representation of the human body, hence the emphasis on the pavilion area. However, the recognition of its practice by the World Health Organization took place in 1987. Today, it is part of the techniques offered by several faculties.

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What does it bring to the body?

This technique shows great effectiveness in the treatment of certain disorders and certain dysfunctions of the organism. Indeed, it treats many pains:

  • It relieves post-surgical, post-radiation and phantom pain;
  • It soothes the pain caused by a dysfunction in the nervous circuit;
  • It calms scarring pain causing a problem of sensitivity;
  • It is effective in case of digestive problems or eating disorders.

But this practice does not relieve the physical pain :

  • It shows great effectiveness in cases of depression, stress or even anxiety;
  • It improves the quality of sleep while increasing its duration;
  • It promotes the production of endorphins.

It must even be said that this practice is of great help when smoking cessation.

What is its process?

To use this technique, you must approach a auriculotherapist doctor. He will take care of diagnosing you before embarking on the process. Once the diagnosis is complete, he will ask you to sit or stand in front of him. He will use different instruments such as needles, electrical impulses, a laser or even a magnet. It is even possible that he uses a cryotherapy. Using this equipment, this specialist ensures the stimulation of your pavilion area by pricking on the sensitive point. This zone corresponds to the adapted innervation zone. It is possible to perform this practice on one ear or on both at the same time. Here, the technique requires the use of about 10 needles and offers immediate results. Often, for a better efficiency of this practice, the treatment is carried out over 3 sessions.


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