Triceps workout program

If you want to get big arms, then you will have to go through the triceps box! Indeed, they represent more than half the volume of the arm and come partly from basic exercises such as dips, bench press or shoulder presses.

Beginners don’t need to work their arms specifically. Regular dips and pull-ups are very effective at blasting those muscles. Paradoxically almost all beginners waste their time and energy on isolation exercises for the arms. They would have everything to gain from focusing on the basic exercises.

Tips for the triceps

As with the biceps, we advise you to limit yourself to one or two triceps weight training sessions per week.
Work strictly, always looking for difficulty and slowing down the eccentric phase – when the muscle lengthens with the load -, even if you have to put on less weight.

It is difficult to isolate the bundles of the triceps. During most of the exercises, the three bundles are put to use, but you can focus more or less on one in particular by varying the positions.
For example, if you are doing overhead extensions using a dumbbell or barbell, then the arms are positioned overhead and the triceps are stretched. In this position, the long portion of the triceps will be more stressed.
the vastus external – on the side of the arm – will be more stressed when the hands are placed in supination (palms towards you). the internal vastus will always be solicited whatever the exercise.

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To bring change to your sessions and avoid the routine vector of stagnation, regularly vary your exercises for the triceps. For example, you can change the position of the hands
and use a pronated (palm of the hand towards the ground), supinated (palm towards you) or hammer grip so as to solicit all the bundles of the triceps. You can also play on the width of the sockets and use various accessories.
For example, if you’re doing high pulley training, you can use the EZ bent bar instead of the classic straight bar, the rope, or even a handgrip so you can work one arm at a time.

Last advice, if you have pain in your elbow on certain exercises, it seems that the bench press tight grip with the elbows outwards stresses the elbow joint less and remains a good exercise for the mass of the triceps. In this case, the descent of the bar is vertical. High pulley work is also recommended when you want to spare your elbows.

The triceps is a muscle that is located on the back of the arm and allows the extension of the forearm on the arm. It is made up of three heads:

– The long portiona bi-articular muscle which inserts on the scapula at the lower level of the glenoid of the scapula and which ends at the level of the olecranon (elbow, ulna).

– The vastus externala monoarticular muscle, which is inserted on the posterior surface of the humerus, a little higher than the vastus medialis.

– The internal vastusalso mono-articular, is inserted on the posterior surface of the humerus, lower than the vastus lateralis (lower third under the radial gutter).
The three heads come together to form a common tendon that inserts at the level of the olecranon (os ulna).

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Tricep stretches

If you lack flexibility for triceps exercises, especially those where you have to point your elbow towards the ceiling, we invite you to practice stretching regularly. Starting position standing, elbow bent. Bring your right hand behind your back, keeping your chest straight. Grasp the right elbow with the left hand and pull the elbow feeling the stretch in the back of the arm. Hold the position for 15 seconds and gently return to the starting position. Then move on to the left triceps stretch. This stretching exercise stretches the triceps and can be done at the end of the strength workout.

Triceps workout program

Exercise for the triceps included in a full body program

You can include triceps training in your full body workout using strength exercises like the front barbell, push-ups, or high pulley work. You should know that exercises such as dips, presses aimed at the pectorals or the shoulders already put a lot of strain on the triceps and are therefore more than enough to develop them. Dips are particularly effective in giving you huge triceps.

Triceps module added to a split program

7 series, session of about 15 minutes with fixed weights and 1min30s of rest between the series. Don’t do more sets because that’s usually the best way to slow down his progression.

Triceps session in pyramid mode

For the pyramid session, we do not put heavy at the beginning and then we gradually increase the weights during the series. With the pyramid, we start the triceps weight training session with about 60% of the maximum load (1RM), for a fairly long and light series of 15 to 20 repetitions which plays a warm-up role. Then, for the series that follow, the load is increased, which reduces the number of repetitions. Basically the work is progressive, with heavier and heavier weights. This way of performing your bodybuilding series will allow you to work simultaneously on strength, muscle volume and endurance.

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1) Dips on parallel bars (4 sets)

  • series 1: [poids du corps] * 20 reps
  • series 2: [poids du corps + 5kg] * 15 repetitions
  • series 3: [poids du corps + 10kg] * 10 reps
  • series 4: [poids du corps + 20kg] * 8 repetitions

2) High pulley triceps (4 sets): 1*15*30kg; 1*10*40kg; 1*8*50kg; 1*6*60kg

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