Types of foods you should NEVER eat


Foods you should never eat

Rather than listing an exhaustive list of foods to ban, here are 5 principles to follow to help you identify what will work for you in terms of nutrition and allow you to achieve your goals.

Food that doesn’t taste good

We are all lucky to have access to food in abundance, and above all healthy foods that taste good. However, when it comes to diet to gain muscle and lose fat, most people have boring, bland nutrition in mind that will starve them. This is probably the reason why few manage to stay on track and achieve their goal of muscle definition. Fat loss can only happen if you manage to create a caloric deficit with the least possible feeling of hunger. Eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to eat bland, tasteless dry meat. By using spices, aromatic herbs, vinegar and lemon for example, you will give a remarkable taste to your dishes. Promote foods that you enjoy.

Foods that keep you restricted

Everyone has a more or less pronounced weakness for certain foods. You start eating it and then you don’t stop. Then comes the guilt for this lack of self-control. This kind of behavior is harmful to the body, the metabolism and the state of mind. Moderation is the first solution that comes to mind, but few people know how to apply it. Crisps, chocolate, bread and ice cream should be avoided in your diet if you do not know how to restrict yourself. Having this kind of food in your home, close at hand, is the best way to crack. Avoid them!

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Foods you won’t digest

Having digestive problems with certain foods is very common. Being intolerant to a food activates your immune system and sometimes leads to an increase in cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. Fatigue is felt, cravings are greater and motivation for physical effort is reduced. The important thing to consider when deciding to avoid certain foods is whether you’re missing out on essential nutrients like fiber. For people who avoid gluten, remember that vegetables, fruits and nuts are excellent sources of fibre.

Foods that are not!

“Foods” that contain between 20 and 40 ingredients with weird names are, you guessed it, not real food. Artificial flavors and colors and processed oils are not foods. The same goes for trans fatty acids. By choosing not to eat it, you serve your own interests and above all your health. Try to choose real food rather than processed junk food. You will save yourself a lot of anxieties, obsessions and guilt by adopting a more responsible behavior.

Foods that make you addicted

Some people are obsessed with junk food and anything with sugar and fat. Eating this type of food releases substances called endocannabinoids in the intestines. They affect dopamine and opioid receptors in the brain (THC in cannabis also activates these receptors). It provides well-being like alcohol and drugs. Desiring these foods has nothing to do with homeostasis and energy balance; they only provide satisfaction. Excess consumption of carbohydrates and sugars is associated with pleasure and relaxation. But the less pleasant reality is that these foods raise blood sugar quickly and cause insulin to spike. Hunger therefore returns more quickly and we want to eat even more!

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