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Hypnosis is now one of the effective methods for losing weight. It has a particular mode of operation. The methods are diverse. Namely that there is hypnosis by virtual gastric band as it is possible to do self-hypnosis to lose weight. In terms of results, hypnosis still has effects.

How hypnosis works for weight loss

L’hypnosis does not allow you to lose weight per se. Here, hypnosis is a support to get rid of bad habits that can cause weight gain. Indeed, it is more than difficult to follow a slimming program. Many crack in the middle of the program.

To avoid this, hypnosis will prepare you to have a strong mind to face the difficulties in a slimming program. In hypnosis, we push the person not to give up and to go after his objectives. This practice will maintain the motivation of the person concerned.

The methods of hypnosis

You have at your disposal all kinds of methods to integrate hypnosis into your slimming program. It offers methods halfway between medicine and spirituality.

virtual gastric band hypnosis

The virtual gastric band is an image or a perception that we make our body believe. It is an imaginary tool to put in the body. Without undergoing surgery, the person concerned will have a fictitious gastric band placed. This ring will aim to force the patient to bend to the stresses a real ring would have entailed. Even fictitious, the results are the same as with a real gastric band. The patient will facilitate food transition. During a session, the hypnosis professional will place a virtual gastric band. He will put the person in hypnosis to lodge this idea of ​​​​laying the ring in his unconscious. When she wakes up, she will act as if she had actually placed a gastric band in her body.


To help you lose weight, there is self-hypnosis. It is practice hypnosis alone on himself. This method will aim to change the perception of his body. Thus, it is possible to control your appetite.

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Achieving self-hypnosis is possible by listening to audio tracks at home. These will stimulate the subconscious to produce mental images leading to autosuggestions. The person will therefore change his behavior. Self-hypnosis is an ideal medium on which one can rest while dieting.

Before doing this kind of hypnosis, it takes practice and mastery. It requires a lot of focus and determination. If you are new to self-hypnosis, avoid this practice to lose weight.

The results of hypnosis for weight loss

The hypnosis weight loss is not yet scientifically recognized. And yet, this technique is very effective thanks to its power of self-persuasion and placebo effect. The results are especially noticed with people who are convinced of the effectiveness of hypnosis to lose weight. Added to this is a good food program and regular physical exercise.

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