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The muscles of the forearms

From an aesthetic point of view, lagging forearms are detrimental to the shape and volume of your arms. In addition, it is the part of your arms that is almost permanently visible in society. From a performance standpoint, forearm power is directly related to grip and the ability to grab your opponent in a fight, carry heavy loads from place to place, etc. .You will have understood that the muscles of the forearms are very often solicited and their development makes you more efficient and functional whatever the physical activity.
Here are some tips to make your forearms bigger and more powerful.

Hold heavy loads


The key dynamic for forearm development is the combination of muscular endurance and time under tension. Exercises like the farmer’s walk or the static hold of large loads as well as the deadlift without straps will work the forearms a lot. Gripping cast iron discs with your fingertips is also very effective.

The hammer curl


By using a so-called “hammer” grip you stimulate the brachialis, one of the largest muscles in the forearm. The heavy hammer curl is one of the most formidable exercises for gaining mass in the forearms. Another similar movement that stimulates the brachialis well is neutral grip pull-ups.

Flexion of the wrists


The forearms are placed on the thighs, hands in supination on a straight bar. This exercise, widely used in the 70s and 80s, has gradually been neglected in sports halls. Still, it’s a formidable movement for the wrist flexors.

Reverse barbell curl


It’s one of the few moves that targets the forearm extensors while limiting the work of the biceps. Lock your elbows out to the sides and bring the bar up to level with the top of your pecs. Contract your forearms as much as possible then control the negative phase by lowering the load.

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Neglecting forearm training is a mistake and is detrimental to the development of your arms. remember that the brachialis is a muscle that when developed pushes the peak of the biceps highermaking the arm more impressive.

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