Use caraway essential oil to end your ailments!

For a long time, the merits of caraway were attributed to its ability to improve digestion. Moreover, an essential oil based on this plant is often recommended in case of digestive discomfort. The oil extracted from caraway seeds contains active ingredients such as carvone, limonene, monoterpenes and other components.

What are the contributions of this caraway oil?

The constituents of this product act positively on the body, and give it several properties:

  • Its active compounds have the ability to slow down the development of many parasites. She is therefore a good pest control ;
  • The carvone contained in this product allows it to be an excellent antispasmodic thanks to its antagonistic action;
  • This oil releases the respiratory tracts and evacuates secretions;
  • Limonene has anti-cancer power. Thanks to this compound, thecaraway essential oil therefore has an anti-carcinogenic property;
  • This oil has actions: carminative, cholagogue and choleretic activity. Its limonene composition allows it to ensure good digestion and promote the production of bile;
  • It has other properties such as brain stimulation or the balance of the nervous system.

In the field of well-being, caraway oil has a toning property.

What are the indications of this essential oil?

The indications for use of caraway essential oil are numerous:

  • Its digestive property allows it to fight against digestive disorders. This oil is a good remedy for bloating, dyspepsia, diarrhea or colitis. It also regulates biliary insufficiency and bad breath;
  • By freeing the airways, it treats colds or bronchitis;
  • It helps to detoxify the body;
  • This essential oil facilitates lactation in a pregnant woman;
  • It regulates the imbalance at the level of the gut microbiota ;
  • It brings you well-being. Therefore, it is used in case of anxiety, stress, fatigue or overwork.
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How to use this oil?

There are different ways of using caraway essential oil. You can use it by inhalation, diffusion, orally or by skin application. However, for each use, it is advisable to respect the doses indicated:

  • For cutaneous use, it should not be used pure at the risk of irritating your skin. It should be diluted with one or more vegetal oils) and/or others essential oils. Do not exceed the dose of 20% caraway oil during massages or for skin application;
  • It is consumed orally in case of bad breath or belching. To do this, just put a small trace on the mouth;
  • It is accessible by broadcasting;
  • For the release of your respiratory tract, proceed to its inhalation;
  • In the kitchen, for your preparations, it is mixed with oil or sauce.

How is this oil used?

In addition to respecting the correct doses of caraway oil, its use requires precautions:

  • For internal use, remember to always put it on a neutral support. It is also advisable to take the opinion of a therapist and to respect its duration of consumption;
  • It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, except after medical recommendation;
  • Avoid using it if you are allergic to limonene or other components of this oil. Do a skin test if in doubt;
  • Do not apply it in the eyes;

Its use by people suffering from epilepsy, asthma or degenerative diseases requires a medical referral.


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