Use osteopathy to prevent certain disorders

In general, osteopathy is not a whole therapy. Indeed, it complements the treatments recommended in case of pain, especially back pain. This practice, only manual, seeks above all the prosperity of the body and encourages the mobility of the body. Its field of application and its field of intervention are very wide.

What is this technique aimed at?

Osteopathy is a treatment, using manual techniques, against various functional disorders. Generally, its effectiveness is noticed in case of bloating or low back pain. This practice also revives mobility in certain tissues. It considers the whole man. In other words, it doesn’t just address the symptoms. It focuses on the whole body in order to detect any blockages hindering tissue mobility. This technique is based on a few principles: globality, structure and homeostasis. Indeed, she argues that the human body forms a whole. Therefore, the care provided must focus on all areas of the body.

What is his story ?

Initiated by Andrew Taylor Still, this practice dates from the 19th century, especially from the end of this century. This specialist wanted to deepen his knowledge about loss of mobility as well as skull problems. It therefore falls on a manual practice, theosteopathy, which aims to remedy these dysfunctions and alleviate certain symptoms. It must be said that this technique continues, today, to spread and develop all over the world. Osteopathy is suitable for all ages, for men and women. It even caters to pregnant women.

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What are the benefits of osteopathy?

Aiming to prevent against many diseases, osteopathy promotes above all the self-regulation of your body. This practice therefore offers many beneficial effects to the body:

  • It prevents the harmful effects caused by stress. In other words, it helps prevent pain in vital organs or the musculoskeletal system;
  • She contributes to mental and physical well-being of athletes;
  • In case of asthma, it saves you some symptoms;
  • It soothes pain or ailments caused by stiffness or blockages in the neck;
  • It relieves pain after surgery. This treatment therefore helps you recover your mobility;
  • It also calms circulatory ailments and remedies sleep disorders;
  • It is effective in cases of intestinal disorders and gynecological conditions.

This manual practice therefore promotes your general well-being.

Osteopathy: how does the session take place?

The treatment is based on manipulation of the various structures of the body, in particular those of the muscles and the bones. For its development, as it is a preventive practice, it is possible to resort to it at any time. During the first session, the osteopath is responsible for carrying out some examinations. He performs, among other things, imaging or osteopathic assessment. At the end of these examinations, he will be able to determine your state of health. The assessment will allow him to determine the manipulations to be carried out during the sessions. For the techniques, the specialist can perform gentle methods, manipulations mobilizing the joints or myofascial techniques. In addition to these techniques, the practitioner recommends good hydration and a better lifestyle. For the duration, a session takes about 1 hour and it is possible to do up to 3 sessions.

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