Various benefits of Peanut vegetable oil and its compositions

Have you ever heard of the existence and usefulness of Peanut vegetable oil? An oily liquid obtained from the seeds of a legume whose name means “earth cocoa”. It is a plant that comes from North America (Paraguay).

Yellow in color, peanut oil has a penetrating and light texture. It is a low-odor oil that has a fragrant taste (characteristic of peanut peanut). There are two types of peanut oily liquid:

  • Industrial oil extracted hot (using a chemical solvent), then bleached and deodorized)
  • Organic oil (from first cold pressing). It’s the best and it’s what practitioners recommend.

Composition of Peanut vegetable oil

I’peanut vegetable oil is totally virgin, natural, pure and without chemical treatment. This oil contains many vitamins and essential fatty acids. This allows it to offer many cosmetic, nutritional and therapeutic actions.

The organoleptic and botanical particularities of this oily substance are notably influenced by the production conditions. Indeed, its composition is likely to evolve according to organic production, the countries where the plant grows, the sunshine…

Peanut vegetable oil and its fatty acid composition

Its fatty acid content. Saturated Fatty Acid:

  • 8 to 10% palmitic acid,
  • 2 to 4% stearic acid,
  • 1 to 2% arachidic acid,
  • 2 to 3% behenic acid.

Monounsaturated fatty acid, 43 to 55% oleic acid, Omega 9. Polyunsaturated fatty acid, 30 to 32% linoleic acid Omega 6.

Its other active constituents: vegetable proteins, vitamin E, resveratrol, magnesium, squalenes, phytosterols and tocopherols.

Uses of Peanut Oil

Peanut carrier oil has many uses. It is mainly used in external application (cutaneous): bath, local use, massage, unction. Consult the guide to essential oils to know the possible associations with essential oils.

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In nutritional use, it is taken orally. In some cases, the absorption of peanut vegetable oil orally can influence the improvement of the dermatological condition.

Peanut vegetable oil cosmetic properties

Its cosmetic aspects are enhanced by its tenderizing, protective, anti-inflammatory, emollient, nourishing, regenerating, soothing and antioxidant effects. This oil represents a major ally for the health of the skin. It prevents skin dryness and reduces water loss. It promotes the skin protection external attacks. The proteins it includes participate in the stimulation of hair growth.

Peanut vegetable oil: benefits

Intended for high temperature cooking, extra virgin peanut oil contributes to prevention of the risks of cardiovascular disorders. By acting as an intestinal astringent, it can regulate eupeptic disorders. It normalizes blood sugar levels and fights certain breast cancers. Absorption of this oil helps prevent atherosclerosis, arthritis, coronary heart disease and metabolic syndrome.


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