Vegetable juice cure: a controversial detox trend

Repeated food crises, pesticides constantly incriminated as the cause of serious illnesses, detoxification, that is to say the fact of rid your body of all its toxins, is a strong trend in the current context.

Detox, a fad?

Consequence: detox diets are everywhere, in magazines and on social networks. The latest trend: juicingthe cure of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

The concept of detox is not new, however. It appears with the theory of hygienism towards the end of the 19th century. The accumulation of toxins in the body would be the cause of a large number of diseases. Detoxifying the body would then contribute to regaining form, health and well-being.

The principle of this liquid detox cure : feed exclusively for several days on freshly squeezed juice, to purify yourself, put your body at rest and lose weight.

In practice, it is necessary to acquire a juice extractor (not a juicer) to extract the juice. Ten kilos of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, are necessary for a single day of treatment.

Several companies offer this type of detox cure (Detox delight, Juice Lab). These preservative-free preparations are made the same day using a cold juice extractor and are delivered to your home or workplace. The plants used are raw and the method of extraction preserves the content of enzymes and nutrients.

Juicing, health benefits or risks?

Naturopaths favor detox cures and often recommend them at each change of season, in order to eliminate accumulated toxins and feel in better shape. The ideal duration for this type of cure is five days.

Finally, in the absence of fiber and chewing, it has no satiety effect, and therefore exposes risk of food cravings or food cravings.

Contraindications to a fresh juice cure

The great success of this type of cure leads to abuses and can lead to dangerous behavior, such as following a detox juice cure for several consecutive weeks.

Finally, if the weight gain can be rapid, there is also a good chance that it will not be maintained over the long term.

Remember that no scientific expertise has demonstrated the benefits of detox cures based on fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Doing good by consuming healthy products, while keeping a critical sense, is perhaps one of the keys to accessing a certain form of well-being.

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