Vegetable oil of pumpkin seeds, what are its virtues?

Pumpkin seed vegetable oil is the result of cold pressing of pumpkin seeds. A terrestrial plant of the Cucurbitaceae family that grows in Asia, America and Europe. It bears the botanical name Cucurbita pepo. This leafy plant shows a pretty yellow flower throughout its growth. It is this flower that will later give birth to the squash (pumpkin). A yellow vegetable packed with many vitamins and minerals. And the part of the plant extracted to produce the pumpkin seed HV is the seeds.

Pumpkin seed vegetable oil in its composition

The vegetable oil of pumpkin seeds must be pure, extra virgin and organic. The production conditions (planting method, region, climate, character of the soil, etc.) particularly influence the quality of this oil. However, a good quality pumpkin seed oil generally has special organoleptic properties. Indeed, it must be organic, extra virgin, 100% pure, soft, light and brown in color. It is exceptionally rich in omega 3, vitamins and trace elements.

Fatty acids contained in pumpkin seed vegetable oil

I’vegetable oil of pumpkin seeds includes in its entirety:

  • 47 to 55% omega 6 (linoleic acid),
  • 25% oleic acid (oleic acid),
  • 13% palmitic acid,
  • 8% stearic acid.

It also has other (active) elements: phytosterols, lutein, vitamin E, zinc and beta-carotene.

Vegetable oil from pumpkin seeds and its various modes of use

The different skin applications ofpumpkin seed oil :

  • Direct application in anointing and massage. Possible combination with essential oils and other vegetable oils.
  • Oral use can bring several benefits to the body. Indeed, its nutritional composition gives it many benefits. Recommended for improve the cardiovascular, digestive, urinary and prostate systems.
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Its use in cosmetics:

Pumpkin seed oil is a real treasure of nature. With softening, soothing and restructuring properties, this oil is used to concoct dermatological treatments. It rectifies scaly, mature, sensitive skin prone to discomfort. Also used in cosmetics for hair care (brittle, soft, damaged, dry and dull hair).

Emollient, fortifying, nourishing and revitalizing, oily pumpkin seed macerate protects, tones and revitalizes the skin.

Its main benefits:

The main benefits oforganic pumpkin seed oil are diuretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, cardioprotective and vermifuge. Considered a excellent anti-drying care, it can also relieve redness. This oil is used in the composition of many nutritional supplements. In cooking, it is used raw to season grilled vegetables and salads.


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