Vegetables: if you don’t eat them, drink them

5 fruits and vegetables per day is the recommended amount to eat per day to maintain good health. If you are not sure how to diversify your dishes to consume them, here are some juice ideas, recipes to drink that combine inventiveness and health.

A vegetable juice is the combination of one or more raw vegetables from which the juice is extracted with a centrifuge. You can also add fruits or spices. If the ingredients are raw they are still digestible because the vegetables are in liquid form. Main advantage: 25 to 40 cl of fresh juice allows you to consume about 2/3 of the vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the day.

To consume in the morning

The ideal is to consume fresh vegetable juices in the morning when you wake up because this is the time when you need energy to start the day. It is best to drink the juice on an empty stomach. But the juices can also be consumed at the end of the morning if you have a little peckish, it makes a healthy and light snack. Finally, if you prefer citrus juices to vegetable juices, consume them preferably at the end of the morning because citrus fruits are acidic and bad for the stomach when you wake up.

Bwe taste good for health

Vegetable juices purify the body. The more healthy foods you eat, the less your body is attracted to fats and sugars. Moreover, depending on the juices made, you can easily fill up with vitamins and mineral salts. Finally, the healthier the diet, the more your skin improves, but it is not enough to consume vegetable juices to regain energy and shape, the rest of the diet must of course be varied and balanced.

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Tips for juicing vegetables at home

Preferably choose organic vegetables and consume them with their skin to keep all the vitamins. Also use seasonal products and arrange them in a nice basket highlighted on the table so that you don’t forget them when preparing breakfast. Centrifuge vegetables just before consumption: air and light very quickly destroy the vitamins they contain.

Recipe ideas

For its health properties, do not hesitate to use turmeric. For a salt-crunch carrot juice, juice 7 baby carrots with 2 blood oranges and fresh turmeric. Then add some seeds from a half vanilla stick and pour a few drops of argan oil. Once the mixture is whipped, and accompany the juice with a carrot crunch in salt placed in each. Another vitamin cocktail for 4 people: Juice 1 zucchini, ½ cucumber, ½ green pepper, ½ sour apple (Granny Smith), 1 sweet apple (Golden), ½ peeled lime then salt and pepper before serving with a branch of celery. Good appetite and “to your health.

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