Veratrum Album: what are its uses in homeopathy?

The homeopathic strain Veratrum Album is obtained from white veratrum, also called white hellebore. The parts used for the preparation of the stump are the underground parts or rhizome.

Veratre blanc is a plant very widespread in the mountainous regions of France, southern Europe, central Europe and Asia. It is easy to recognize thanks to its alternate leaves and its white, green or yellow flowers.

This plant is also known for its toxicity. Indeed, it contains several alkaloids such as protoveratrines A and B, cevadine, veratridine and jervine. Its ingestion thus leads to several reactions, namely a slowing of the heart rate, arterial hypotension, numbness of the extremities, abdominal cramps or even vomiting. In some cases, this toxicity leads to the death of the person concerned. Thus, in the event of poisoning, it is important to get closer to medical personnel in order to benefit from an injection of atropine which, in turn, will regulate the heart rate.

In a therapeutic context, white veratre is only used in homeopathy.

Veratrum Album: pharmacological properties and indications in homeopathy

In the treatment of digestive pathologies, Veratrum Album is mainly indicated in cases of gastroenteritis. It is particularly useful in cases of frequent diarrhea accompanied by violent abdominal pain and severe dehydration. In most cases, the subject may feel a great decrease in physical strength after the saddle. In these cases, this medicine helps to combat this state of fatigue.

It is also effective in fight against constipationcolic and food poisoning.

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On the general state of health, this remedy improves the following symptoms:

  • Physical asthenia with muscle weakness and pain over most of the body
  • Sensation of coldness in the skin, face and tip of the nose
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hypersecretion of cold sweats
  • Malaise with a tendency to fainting

The other therapeutic indications of this homeopathic medicine are catamenial pains and cramps.

Conditions for worsening symptoms are fear and having a bowel movement.

Directions for use and recommended dosage

Due to the toxicity of the source plant, it is wise to avoid self-medication and to seek the advice of a health professional before any cure based on Veratrum Album. Also, it should not be based on the symptoms alone, because even if they are the same, the appropriate treatment may vary from one patient to another.

For the treatment of these conditions, the prescription is generally as follows: close doses of medication in 4 to 7 CH, to be spaced out as soon as the symptoms improve.

In the cases ofasthenia with a tendency to syncope, take a dose in 15 CH.

Finally, if the symptoms worsen or do not improve, it is recommended to consult a specialist in homeopathy.


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