Vipassana meditation, a therapy full of virtues

“Vipassana” means “penetrating vision”. Vipassana meditation is another style of meditation that is very simplified and very easy to perform. It is a form of illusion that aims to find the true nature of the mind. The principle is based in particular on breathing. Indeed, it is a practice which consists in awakening the attention while essentially using the breath.

If we summarize the history of Vipassana meditation

One of the Buddhist methods the oldest, Vipassana meditation finds its origin in India. Disappeared in this same country for a while, this practice reappeared in the 1970s.

Satya Narayan Goenka is a great and famous teacher of vipassana meditation. It seems that following his violent migraines, he called on Sayagyi U Ba Khin. It was this person who taught him the Vipassana method. A technique very present today in many traditions and cultures. Indeed, all over the world, several health centers and even some prisons use this technique.

The medical benefits of Vipassana meditation

Vipassana meditation effectively develops mindfulness and concentration. It can completely change your life because it provides above all a real comfort of life (serenity, relaxation and well-being). She allows to relieve anxiety and boost self-confidence. It increases the joy of living and eliminates doubts. It helps the patient to manage his feelings, to control his anger and to enjoy a good restorative sleep. It also gives you the strength to better cope with the various pressures of life or work. She ensures the strengthening your emotional abilities, organic and psychic. This promotes the proper functioning and health of the organs. So, a better immune defense and an excellent response to different kinds of diseases.

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Who can do Vipassana meditation?

Posture and breathing play an important role in the practice of this therapeutic formula. The person who practices this meditation must achieve control and discipline of body and mind. In fact, she needs to focus more on clearing her mind and balancing her energy.

It is for everyone and it can be practiced everywhere, solo or in a group. Indeed, young children, adolescents, adults and seniors can all practice it. Those who suffer from psychiatric disorders should also consult a doctor before embarking on this adventure. A session of 10 to 20 minutes a day helps you to eliminate all your tensions. If you are often stressed, after a few practice sessions, you will surely be able to find your calm. You will feel better and you will easily find a feeling of lightness.


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