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Vitamin C and zinc bring exceptional benefits to our body and improve the defense of the immune system. To better understand them, we will understand all the virtues of its two minerals:

Health maintenance: why eat zinc?

To really care about her health, the daily zinc intake must be essential. Indeed, it is very virtuous for the whole organism (dermal, cerebral eye, immune system, hair, nails, bones, tissues and protein synthesis). It regulates blood sugar and weight. It also protects our body against free radicals.

Alliance of flavors and physical well-being with vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C are delicious and at the same time ensure better health. Indeed, they prevent colds, provide energy and facilitate the absorption of iron. Vitamin C is also a great antioxidant which protects and strengthens the skin. It burns bad fats, reduces cholesterol levels and promotes the synthesis of bile acids. This ascorbic acid destroys microbes and strengthens the functions of white blood cells.

How to introduce vitamin C and zinc in our diet?

Above, we have seen all the benefits of vitamin C and zinc. They are essential micronutrients for our physical well-being. So, do not hesitate to eat it daily. With foods rich in these two components, the choices are varied:

  • eggs, especially the yolks;
  • the mushrooms ;
  • dairy products such as cheese;
  • cocoa powders, seeds and nuts;
  • cereals and wholemeal breads;
  • offal, red meat, foie gras and poultry;
  • oysters, shellfish and fatty fish;
  • guava, kiwi, orange, strawberries and lemons;
  • parsley, blackcurrant, turnip, cabbage, peppers and other pulses;
  • oilseeds and rapeseed oils.
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Variance of choice and accessibility

All these varieties of meat, shellfish, vegetables, nuts and fruits are available from street traders, supermarkets, shops natural products, organic vendors, get in touch with farmers directly or even online. You just have to think about prioritizing and choose organic products and lightly processed, because the conservation of its nutritional values ​​lies mainly in the way in which they are prepared. To preserve the minerals as much as possible, prefer steam cooking and choose raw foods. It is much more beneficial to eat a variety of all of these foods throughout the day. You can for example:

  • Eat eggs and juice or milk in the morning;
  • Eat meat or fish at lunchtime;
  • and take fruits and vegetables in the evening.

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