Vitamin D: symptoms and signs of a deficiency

A vitamin D deficiency is felt especially at the end of winter, since the heat of the sun is considerably lacking during this cold season. This element is heavily involved in the proper functioning of the human body, to speak only of the absorption of phosphorus and calcium by the intestines and the mineralization of bones and joints.

In case of recurrent fatigue, depression, lack of muscle tone, it is essential to ask a doctor to prescribe a certain dose of this organic substance. What are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency ?

Nervous breakdown: symptom of vitamin D deficiency

Insufficiency of vitamin D can lead a person to a state of nervous breakdown. This is due to the fact that several parts of the brain have receptors for this hormone. Many studies have shown that a low vitamin D level in the blood leads to deep depression. However, it should be noted that this is not to be confused with temporary depression.

Bone and muscle ailments

These are particularly symptoms vitamin D deficiency in adults, but may also affect some young people and children. Indeed, a person who has not received a sufficient dose of vitamin D is prone to bone pain. Every morning, she suffers from a certain stiffness in her joints. All of these signs are called “osteomalacia”.

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency in Adults

A weak man vitamin D level may have erectile dysfunction problems. A study carried out, the results of which were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, proved the relationship between these two cases. In addition, an erection problem is often caused by a cardiovascular disorder which is itself associated with a vitamin D deficiency.

sleep disorder

A person who lacks vitamin D finds it difficult to enjoy restful sleep. A large study, carried out on 1,500 patients suffering from neurological problems, clarified this hypothesis. A recurrent sleep disorder is one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency the most alarming.

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An increase in vulnerability

As with other types of vitamins, lack of vitamin D contributes to weak immune system. Therefore, the body becomes more vulnerable to various diseases such as colds, flu, angina, etc. Young and old are all affected by this state of fragility, which is a symptom of a vitamin D deficiency in women and men.

excess heat

When the level of vitamin D is at its lowest, our body tends to sweat easily. Even without strenuous physical activity, body temperature rises significantly. A brow that oozes without any effort being made is a vitamin D deficiency symptom to see up close.

Disorders in the intestines

Many nutritionists have claimed that people with Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease or gluten intolerance are prone to vitamin D deficiency. foods rich in vitamin D.

These are just signs of vitamin D deficiency in women and men, but to be sure of your state of health, it is always recommended to consult a doctor.


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