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Vitamin supplements: dangerous or effective?

In an ideal world, we would all have a perfectly balanced diet. So we could get 100% of the vitamins and minerals we need from fresh, tasty, home-cooked foods. In real life, this is not always the case. And that’s why we invented supplements in pill form.

For decades, the vitamin and mineral supplements enjoyed worldwide success. But many scientists are beginning to change their minds. Several successive studies have shown that most of these supplements would not have no real health benefits. Do all these pills really do any good? And above all, is it possible to take too many vitamins?

Nutrition experts know that people who eat lots of foods rich in vitamins and minerals tend to live longer, healthier lives. But when these nutrients are served in pill form, the effect is still unclear. According to a study conducted in 2015, the taking food supplements does not seem not reduce the risk of cancer. They also wouldn’t have no effect on heart health and on the risk of premature death.

A moderate grip

These supplements remain interesting for some people, such as those suffering from dietary deficiencies, those who do not consume foods of animal origin, and those at risk of osteoporosis. And as long as the doses remain reasonable, your health is not in danger, say the experts interviewed by Health.

The solution ? Try to focus first on obtaining nutrients from food. If you suffer from a health problem, if you change your diet, or if you take medication, do not hesitate to discuss your vitamin and mineral intake with your doctor. And if supplements are needed, be sure to Do not exceed recommended doses.

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