Voice extinction: the best tips and natural solutions to regain your voice

The extinction of voice, or dysphonia, is a generally harmless disorder. However, it has negative repercussions on the quality of life and professional well-being for those who mainly use their voice in their daily activities. The extinction of voice, or hoarseness is very easy to recognize: the voice becomes hoarse, that is to say that the sounds are harsh and harsh. Dysphonia is frequently associated with bouts of coughing, sore throats, or swallowing disorders.

Environmental factors that promote voice extinction

Certain environmental factors can negatively affect the proper functioning of the larynx. Indeed, sudden exposure to cold is most often the cause of laryngeal inflammation (laryngitis). It can also be a cold or a cold. Dysphonia also affects people who breathe air that is too dry or polluted and the risk increases if they are allergic or asthmatic. Teachers, singers, TV and radio hosts, lawyers, lecturers get hoarse more easily because of vocal overwork. In children, hoarseness is generally benign and caused by the misuse of the voice, the cure is carried out by a re-education of the voice. You should know that hoarseness tends to improve during adolescence due to changes in habits, development of the vocal cords and hormonal variations. Alcohol causes dysphonia in two ways: on the one hand, it inflames the larynx, and on the other hand, it stimulates the drinker to speak louder.

A few simple tips

Mild hoarseness can lead to loss of voice or chronic laryngeal disease. To relieve hoarseness, here are some simple tips:

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– take a vocal rest for at least twenty-four hours and do not whisper to prevent aggravation

– moisten your larynx. To do this, put hot water in a bowl. Stand on top and breathe the steam for ten to fifteen minutes for two to three sessions a day

– take lozenges to produce saliva and relieve pain

– stay well hydrated, drink plenty of water.

Natural solutions to reduce hoarseness

Some medicinal plants can help with hoarseness

– Licorice tea has an effective and interesting effect

– Blackcurrant can be used as a candy

– White broth, for example in the form of herbal tea.

– Calendula, in herbal tea or gargle.

– a honey gargle

– Keep in the mouth and gently swallow a drop of Cypress essential oils mixed with honey

When to consult if nothing improves

If nothing improves in a few hours/days, it is imperative to consult if:

– the crosstalk persists beyond ten days

– it occurs during a trauma to the head or throat

– it appears after neck surgery

– it is accompanied by other signs such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing

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Méta: It’s not easy to ensure the daily life when you no longer have a voice. If the loss of voice is most often benign, it is nonetheless very embarrassing. A few simple tips and natural solutions can help you regain your voice.


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