Want bigger biceps? A few must-try tips

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The biceps are difficult muscles to develop but with these few tips, you will see change quickly!

You’re not lifting heavy enough

Have you been using the same fillers for 4 weeks? It’s time to break the monotony and change the weights you lift.
As you increase the loads, however, be sure to maintain proper form and keep tension on the biceps. If you’re used to the 10-rep format, switch to 6-8 reps. Like any other muscle group, you need to lift heavier to make them bigger.

Insulation is essential

Expand your bicep routine by adding sets of bench curls or concentrated curls. These exercises will keep you from using your whole body in order to keep tension and focus on the biceps, allowing for maximum contraction. During these exercises, it is best to lower the load and control it as much as possible.

The forearms, muscles still neglected

Towering forearms give your arms a massive look, even without taking on a tight t-shirt. But it’s not just about the aesthetic aspect because bigger and stronger forearms will assist you more effectively on curls and other movements, helping you to have better biceps.
The brachialis is one of the most stressed muscles when doing the forearms. This round muscle, located between your biceps and your triceps, pushes your biceps and makes it stand out more when contracting. It works especially when the positioning of the hands is neutral (hammer curl for example).
So don’t do the forearms “to tears” when you think about it or when you still have a little energy, but in every session where you work the biceps ! And feel free to increase their training volume by adding more sets. Most people limit themselves to 3 sets, which is often insufficient.

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Train biceps twice a week

A small muscle such as the biceps recovers faster than the thighs or back. You can therefore use the biceps more frequently during the week.
Think of your first bicep workout of the week as one that’s focused on mass. It will mainly include barbell curls, dumbbell curls and heavy hammer curls. The 2nd session, later in the week, will focus on a greater variety of exercises and number of repetitions. During this session there will be more isolation and intensification techniques: you will include decreasing series, series during which you slow down the negative phase for several seconds, and supersets (sequence of 2 exercises without rest).

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