Warning: skipping a meal makes you gain stomach

A new animal study from Ohio State University suggests that skipping a meal triggers a metabolic disorder that can lead to abdominal weight gain.

Among stealth weight loss techniques, skipping a meal comes up frequently. But rather than aiding fat loss, it does appear to do the opposite, as this new study suggests. Researchers at Ohio State University investigated the effects of this practice. And suggest that this intermittent fasting might not be as ‘detox’ as some people claim.

A gene favorable to the gain of abdominal fat is activated

In this study carried out on mice, 2 groups were set up: a “fast” with a single meal per day, and a “control”, without food deprivation. The researchers noticed in the “fasting” group an activation of genes promoting fat storage, particularly in the abdominal region. The control group, free to snack all day, had less abdominal fat deposits than those deprived of food.

In humans as in mice

In fasting mice, the researchers saw a spike in insulin followed by a severe drop. They believe that the “pumping” of sugar by the liver during fasting promotes the storage of fat in abdominal adipose tissue, even insulin resistance… The main author suggests that people who skip meals in order to lose the small belly should, on the contrary, eat regularly!

Caldwell E, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. The Ohio State University.


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