Weight loss and a beautiful figure: swimming has solid beauty and health benefits

Running, cycling, jumping rope or squash are among the favorite activities when it comes to losing belly fat. Swimming obviously makes the list, but lags behind with nearly 680 kcal burned per hour. However, studies show that it is possible to lose belly and draw a beautiful silhouette thanks to this sport. It would even be particularly indicated for slimming and toning the body thanks to a strong mobilization of the arms, legs and back muscles.

Extra physical effort in the water

Like all other physical activities, swimming burns calories and thus promotes weight loss. However, compared to running or walking, it has an additional advantage. In fact, having to move through the water adds additional resistance that puts more strain on your muscles. It also offers a complete activity since it is the whole body that is mobilized, from the shoulders to the abdominals through the arms, the chest, the back and the legs.

A beautiful figure in three months

According to the researchers, you don’t have to wait long to reap the first fruits of your labor if you persevere in this activity. A study found that middle-aged women who swam for 60 minutes, 3 times a week, lost a significant amount of body fat in just 12 weeks. They also increased their endurance, improved their flexibility and even lowered their cholesterol levels. This same study shows that these women lost more fat in the waist and hips compared to women who practice walking 3 times a week.

Calories that fly away with each breaststroke

Swimming allows you to lose an average of 680 to 800 kcal per hour depending on the intensity of the training. If to lose 500 g, it is necessary to burn around 3500 calories, it is thus necessary to train 3 to 4 times a week. The pace can however be more moderate, at a rate of 30 minutes per session, or about 250 to 300 calories burned. You will lose fewer pounds in a month, but the results remain the same.

Practicing 2 x 45 minutes of swimming (3 or 4 days apart) is a good way to lose weight in a sustainable way and to refine your figure, if possible take group lessons with a teacher to maintain motivation . It is difficult to swim alone on a regular basis (eg twice a week) following your own schedule.

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