Weight loss: calculate exactly your calorie needs so as not to gain weight

How many calories does each of us need per day, depending on whether he is a man or a woman, his age, his height, his weight, his degree of physical expenditure?

To find out, here is an easy calculation method.

The daily amount of calories our body needs obviously depends on the energy it needs to burn to function properly, and this varies depending on the activities we do. Those who wish to lose weight must therefore correctly assess all the parameters, in order to spend more calories than they consume.

To obtain the final result, the basic needs (metabolism) must be multiplied by an index linked to the intensity of physical activity.

basal metabolism

  • Multiply your weight in kg by 10.
  • Multiply your height in cm by 6.25.
  • Add the results (example: you weigh 65 kg and you are 1.70 m tall: 650 + 1062.5 = 1712.5).
  • Multiply your age by 5 and subtract this number from the previous result (40 years x 5 = 200, 1712.5 – 200 = 1512.5).
  • Finally, subtract 161 for a female and add 5 for a male.

That is a basal metabolic rate of 1351.5 kcal per day for a 40-year-old woman measuring 1.70 m and weighing 65 kg.

Physical activity

  • If you do little or no physical activity (if you don’t reach thirty minutes of brisk walking a day, at least five days a week), multiply your basal metabolism (BMR) by 1.2.
  • If you engage in moderate physical activity, multiply your MB by 1.55.
  • If you engage in intense physical activity, multiply your MB by 1.725.

This will give you the number of calories you need to maintain a stable weight. If you want to gradually lose weight without starving yourself, gradually reduce your amount of daily calories by around 300 to 500 kcal and/or increase the duration and intensity of your physical activity.

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