Weight Loss, Slimmer Waist: The Dramatic Effects of a Simple Breakfast Change

When dieting, consuming your calories mostly in the morning makes a huge difference in terms of weight loss. The results of this study are truly spectacular. They need to be confirmed on a larger population and over a longer period, but people who want to lose weight can already learn valuable lessons.

Researchers brought together a hundred overweight women (average BMI of 32.4), in the 40-50 age group, who started a low-calorie diet (1,400 kcal per day) for three months. . They were divided into two groups.

  • The breakfast group: 700 kcal in the morning, 500 kcal at noon, 200 kcal in the evening.
  • The dinner group: 200 kcal in the morning, 500 kcal at noon, 700 kcal in the evening.

8.7 kg weight loss, reduced waist circumference and improved health markers

The average weight loss in the “breakfast group” was 8.7 kg against 3.6 kg in the “supper group” (difference 5.1 kg).

The reduction in waist circumference was respectively 8.5 cm versus 3.9 cm (difference of 4.6 cm).

The satiety score was significantly higher in the “breakfast group”, which is explained by a significantly lower production of ghrelin (the hunger hormone).

Other parameters were more favorable for these ladies (triglycerides, insulin sensitivity, fasting blood sugar, etc.). The authors explain this benefit of a hearty breakfast by a different assimilation of nutrients and in particular of fats. The major limitation of this study is its very short duration. However, these spectacular results: more than twice the weight loss for the same caloric intake! Worth checking in the longer term. But those who wish can apply the principle now.

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Source: Obesity


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