Weight loss: watch out for your girlfriends, they make you fat

Researchers from Arizona State University conducted in-depth interviews with around 100 women, and a total of 800 of their girlfriends.

The researchers focused on two major areas:

1) Do they determine with their girlfriends an “acceptable weight”, and do they adapt their behavior accordingly?

2) Do they observe the bodies of their friends, and does this encourage them to change their eating and sports habits to approach the morphologies that appeal to them the most?

Weight: a phenomenon of mimicry with girlfriends

The first hypothesis did not lead to a formal conclusion, unlike the second. There would be a phenomenon of mimicry, particularly noticeable when physical activities, fitness, in particular, are practiced between girlfriends.

But what is true for the concern to lose weight (or to keep the line) is true in the other direction: the friends who appreciate sharing together the pleasures of the table encounter less problems to assume weight gain.

Overweight in the entourage: 50% more likely to also have a weight problem

In fact, the researchers explain that their findings are in line with previous teachings, which showed in particular that if his close friends include several overweight people, an individual runs a 50% risk in addition to being also confronted with a (serious) health problem. weight. And remember that the family environment is at least as decisive.


American Journal of Public Health (http://ajph.aphapublication)


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