Well-being: full of good vibrations for lasting changes in your health

Try these tips to increase your energy and stay positive, which will help you stay motivated and make lasting health behavior changes.

Why is it sometimes so difficult to achieve a health goal? Is your will really that weak? According to the latest research, your self-discipline may not be the problem. Rather, the key to maintaining your motivation lies in your approach.

The strength of will

Most people have been there: they want to make healthier choices or start an exercise program or lose some weight. You start with good intentions, finding the will to exercise more and eat less. But after a while old habits return and the goal is not achieved. You may even gain more weight. Sound familiar? You are not the only one.

To succeed, change your goal

Most people focus on the end goal and believe it will provide them with the discipline and drive to achieve it. But daily life and stress constantly interfere, blurring your end goal and your determination with it.

Try these techniques to stay motivated and full of good energy

Set clear goals

Tailor your daily actions to your goal. If you want to be more active, park further from the door. If you want to eat healthier, replace the bowl of candy at work with a bowl of fruit.

Start small. Want to lose 10 pounds? Don’t make it your initial goal. Make small changes you can accomplish: Bring your lunch to work or go for a walk several nights a week.

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Set new goals based on your reality. If you only cooked a healthy meal one day last week, don’t blame yourself. Think about how you achieved your goal once. Now aim for two days next week.

Do what you like. Do you like roller skating? Do more. Do you like apples but not broccoli? Eat more apples. Choosing the right activities is the surest way to feel good about your life.

Positive thinking: treat yourself like a friend

Listen to how you talk to yourself. Stop periodically to assess what you are thinking. If your thoughts are mostly negative, it will directly affect your feelings and motivation. Practice positive dialogue with yourself. Treat yourself as you would a friend. Be gentle and encouraging. Take a closer look at negative thoughts and respond with affirmations about what you’re doing well.

Focus on what you can have rather than what you can’t. If you’re trying to lose weight, think about the foods you can eat rather than all the foods you can’t. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re feeling deprived.

Believe. If you don’t think you can lose 10 pounds, you won’t. Start with what you really believe you can accomplish. Initial success will give you the confidence to set bigger goals later.

Enjoy the process

Review your feelings. Did you really enjoy an activity? Is there anything you would like to do more of? When you reflect, you’ll be more likely to let go of what isn’t working.

Be careful. Focus on a conversation with your exercise partner. Observe the beauty of nature or the movement of your body. Being in the present will increase your enjoyment of the activity.

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Let go of negative thoughts. It’s not about ignoring them. Instead, reevaluate your reaction to focus on positive feelings and accomplishments.

Adopt a growth mindset

Understand the mastery process. A “growth” mentality means that you know you can develop your abilities and continue to adapt. Think of a time when you didn’t know how to do something, then practiced, got better, and finally mastered it.

It can help you bounce back from setbacks and mistakes. Remember that you are practicing a healthier lifestyle and getting to know yourself better every day.

Try the “Say is Believe” exercise. Imagine that you are writing a letter to someone who is struggling with the same problem as you. What advice would you give? Think about how another person might respond and put those same responses into action for yourself.

Celebrate your victories!

Success reinforces success. As you achieve each goal, take a moment to acknowledge your achievement. Celebrating these victories will give you the momentum to achieve your next goal and give you a sense of purpose and pride.

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