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To lose weight, herbal teas are very effective. It is a herbal infusion with interesting active properties. The types of herbal teas for weight loss are diversified according to the needs of each one. For them to be effective, we must take into consideration the mode of consumption of herbal teas.

Diuretic herbal teas

These are plants that consist of certain active elements that can help the renal elimination of water. This herbal tea is able to desinfiltrate the tissues. By consuming this type of herbal tea, you will avoid water retention. Most of the time, it is indeed these water retentions that cause weight gain. The diuretic herbal teas are numerous. The best are birch herbal teas, blackcurrant herbal teas, meadowsweet herbal teas, dandelion herbal teas, yarrow herbal teas.

Slimming herbal teas

To lose weight, you have slimming herbal teas. These herbal teas allow you not only to lose weight, but also to get a nice flat stomach. These are herbal teas made from beneficial plants on the digestive plan. In addition, they will promote the burning of fat in the abdominal area. Herbal teas are also able to fight against the excessive storage of sugars and fats in adipose tissue. If you have bloating and gas, the consumption of this herbal tea is all the more recommended. Drinking herbal teas are based on anise, cumin, fennel, ginger and verbena.

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Herbal teas burn fat

The best known plants that are part of fat burning herbal teas are cinnamon, licorice, mint, turmeric, bay leaf. Those burn fat are rich in antioxidants. Some are warming spices. This means that the herbal tea will increase thermogenesis for a positive influence on the body’s energy expenditure. This is why herbal teas help burn fat and stimulate the metabolism.

Nettle herbal teas

It is possible to losing weight by consuming nettle teas. It is a plant rich in vitamins and minerals. This is the case with vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, etc. Moreover, nettles are also rich in antioxidants. Thanks to these compositions, nettle herbal teas will play the role of drainer for the body. To make a nettle tea, clean the fresh nettle leaves well. Then, they must be immersed in cold water kept boiling for 3 minutes. Let everything sit for 10 minutes then filter before consuming. Hot nettle tea is better for weight loss. Otherwise, you have the dried nettle leaves ready to make your herbal tea.

How to drink herbal teas to lose weight

To ensure that herbal teas are effective, they must be consumed regularly. It is recommended consume herbal teas that come from organic and quality plants. When preparing your herbal tea for weight loss, it is necessary to carefully respect the method of preparation of each plant. For example, consider infusion times and contraindications.

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