What are the 10 fat-burning fruits? |

For a balanced and healthy diet, one must take a lot of fruits. There are fruits that make you lose weight. Thus, by their consumption, one can remain in full health.

The composition of fruit

Many elements essential to the body are located in fruits. These include dietary fiber, fructose, antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamins.

The dietary fiber can be soluble or insoluble. They promote the intestinal transit. Allowing to have a feeling of satiety, they can also regulate food intake. Dietary fiber also regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, some fruits are very rich in dietary fiber. Thus, they have their place in diets leading to weightloss.

Fructose is responsible for the pleasant taste of fruits. Compared to that of sugar, its glycemic index is very low. Thus, by the note of fruit consumptionwe can stabilize our energies.

Antioxidants are always present in fruits but in varying amounts. They help fight premature aging of cells in the body. Antioxidants also fight cellular oxidation. They can boost metabolism and the immune system. Also, they stimulate fat burning. Hence the character fruit fat burner.

Many minerals and vitamins essential to the functioning of the body come from fruits. Hence its participation in nutritional balance.

The 10 fruits rich in fiber and antioxidants

The following fruits have superior slimming properties. This is thanks to their richness in antioxidants and fiber. These are strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, apple, grapefruit and orange. There is also lemon, melon, watermelon and apricot.

Fruit consumption pattern for weight loss

We have to consume whole seasonal fruits fresh and ripe. To take full advantage of their advantages, we must alternate modes of consumption.

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Fruits are included in snacks or in balanced meals. To avoid overconsumption of carbohydrates, should not exceed 4 fruits per day.

What is a serving of fruit?

To optimize the efficiency of fruit for weight loss, we must consume them in the right proportions. The size of a serving should be adapted to the sugar content of the fruit in question. As an example, 1 apple or pear, 1 orange, ¼ melon, 2 slices of pineapple and 2 kiwis. In addition with 2 apricots, 250 g of strawberries, 10 cherries, 3 to 4 plums and 2 clementines.

Gourmet fruit recipes to lose weight

Fruit can be incorporated into gourmet recipes. This is the case with the light mango and vanilla tiramisu. It carries a unique taste and decreases the amount of added sugar in the desert. The ingredients for 2 people are as follows. Half of a very ripe mango, 100g cottage cheese, 50g mascarpone and 1 egg. We also need salt and 1⁄2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. As well as a tablespoon of whole sugar.


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