What are the 16 personality types?

Our personality type greatly impacts our behavior and knowing it allows us to better understand ourselves, but also to discover our strengths. Learning more about the 16 personality types is one more step towards understanding a reliable and solid basis for good personal development. One of the keys to well-being and fulfillment being self-knowledge, let’s take a quick look at the essentials to know on this subject.

Discover your personality profile with the MBTI test

Each human being has come into the world with different ways of making decisions and perceiving information. These preferences influence the way we communicate with others and react, but also our needs, our style, our strong points and our development.

How do you find your personality type?

It is important to know the keys to deepen self-knowledge in order to flourish. This includes learning to let go, taking time for yourself, reconnecting with your essential desire or even giving meaning to your life. The MBTI solution is an indicator allowing you to discover your personality profile, it remains the best known, but also the most used: this approach is presented as a model allowing you to understand the different types of personalities. The MBTI has also led to the development of training for various personality types. It is based on the work of psychiatrist Carl Jung and his book “Psychological Types”.

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The determination of an individual’s psychological preferences

The MBTI acts on 4 personality dimensions. The first is where you focus your attention: extraversion (E) or introversion (I). The second is your way of receiving information: concretely through sensations (S) or abstractly through intuition (N). The third dimension is how you make decisions: logically with thought (T) or subjectively with feelings (F). The last is the approach you take to organizing your life : with rigor through judgment (J) or with flexibility through perception (P). Discovering your character trait requires you to answer these 4 questions in order to obtain 4 letters.

The Different MBTI Personality Types

Faced with a situation, we are not all equal. The 16 personality types reveal our differences and allow you to become aware of them in order to live in harmony with others. By realizing that you have your own way of thinking and reacting and by understanding that others do too, it will be easier for you to accept them as they are.

Personality test: the different possibilities

There are 16 MBTI personality types. These are the Architect (INTJ), Logician (INTP), Commander (ENTJ), Advocate (INFJ), Innovator (ENTP), Mediator (INFP), Protagonist (ENFJ ) and the inspirator (ENFP). There is also the logistician (ISTJ), the consul (ESFJ), the defender (ISFJ), the director (ESTJ), the virtuoso (ISTP), the adventurer (ISFP), the entrepreneur (ESTP) and the entertainer (ESFP).

The first 8 personality possibilities

The architect is a person who makes an action plan for everything and likes to make sense of everything or any event. The logician is pushed by his thirst for knowledge to always be ingenious. Commander advances and achieves its objectives whatever the cost thanks to its strength of character. Calm and quiet, the lawyer also has a touch of sensitivity in him. The innovator is a curious person who is always up for new challenges. Loyal and altruistic, the mediator is someone you can count on to serve a common cause. The protagonist is a very charismatic individual who prefers to be in community than alone. As for the inspiration, he is a serious and pragmatic person who relies on organization and concrete facts.

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The 8 other possibilities

The logistician is particularly altruistic and has a very pronounced sense of responsibility. The defender is a very perceptive being who does not hesitate to defend his people no matter what. The director has a clear vision of what he wants as well as good management skills. The virtuoso is an individual who likes to experiment to find out how they work. the adventurer is a faithful being, but who loves new experiences. The contractor is astute and makes every effort to obtain immediate results. the entertainer, for her part, is brimming with energy. At last, the Consuls are selfless and take their responsibility to help others and do the right thing seriously.

What about personality and personal development?

Self-knowledge is a great lever for personal development, because it represents both the foundation of the latter and the goal to be achieved. You will be able to take control of your life and make informed decisions in the face of various situations (professional reorientationmoving house, separation or romantic engagementreal estate purchase, career development, etc.).

The relationship between personality and personal development

There is a real link between fulfillment and a person’s personality. Discovering who you really are through the typological indicator will help you achieve your life goals by being in perfect harmony with your personality. You will be able to take a fresh look at the differences between individuals, but also to create more harmonious relationships. Getting to know yourself better is key to making positive changes in your life.

Why knowing your personality type is beneficial?

Answering the questionnaire which allows you to know your personality type is very interesting, because it is a very good tool for personal development. You indeed come to a better understanding of yourself as a member of a community on the one hand, and as an individual on the other. Knowing your personality type can also help you identify what motivates you and find answers to your questions. The main questions are often “why do others think differently?” or “Why do I tend to act like this?” “. This assessment also promotes self-reflection and personal introspection which is an essential step when one wishes to improve one’s life.

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