What are the benefits offered by olfactotherapy?

Olfactotherapy is a science exploiting the power of essential oils on the psycho-emotional sphere. Unlike aromatherapy, this method relies primarily on the sense of smell. Indeed, odors contribute to the psycho-emotional balance by releasing memories and emotions.

What is his story ?

Olfactotherapy owes its existence to Gilles Fournil: a renowned somatologist, an energy specialist and a transpersonal therapist. Wishing to bring an innovative approach to medicine, he thus exploits the power of smell on the unconscious and the emotions. It is with this in mind that this practitioner residing in Corsica is developing theolfactotherapy in 1992. Since then, he has continued to provide training aimed at increasing the number of therapists who can deploy this therapy. He also leads many seminars where he explains the importance of smells on personal development.

Today, many therapists working to improve well-being adopt this practice.

What can we learn from this therapy?

Olfactotherapy generally contributes to theemotional and psychological fulfillment of an individual. To this end, it acts above all on the central nervous system, but also on the unconscious. This therapy allows you to:

Free yourself from negative emotions

The beneficial actions of this therapy on the central nervous system no longer need to be proven. It has, among other things, a positive and relaxing effect. As a result, it allows you to free yourself from stress, anxieties and negative thoughts. It also helps to get rid of an addiction (tobacco, drugs, alcohol). Finally, it allows you to regain your self-confidence.

Recover from trauma

One of the goals of this therapy is to promote recovery of a person following a trauma. It allows, in particular, to remove certain blockages and to accelerate the process of rehabilitation.

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Connect to your limbic brain

The limbic brain is a part of the brain that stores memories and emotions. According to Gilles Fournil, each of our experiences is linked to a particular smell. Olfactotherapy thus contributes to the memory enhancementwhich allows us to bind to that specific part of the brain.

What happens during a session ?

Healing methods of olfactotherapy are based on a selection of 16 essential oils (EO). These essences are recognized for their powerful vibratory powers. In addition, they effectively stimulate the olfactory power. We distinguish :

  • clove EO
  • Atlas cedar EO
  • HE of myrrh
  • HE of ylang-ylang
  • HE of officinal lavender
  • Bergamot HE
  • HE of rosemary with verbenone
  • Damask rose essential oil
  • EO of radiated eucalyptus
  • EO of rose geranium
  • Sandalwood EO
  • Clary sage EO
  • Peppermint EO
  • EO of spearmint
  • EO incense
  • Jasmine HE

During each session, the therapist offers the patient strips impregnated withEssential oil. It then establishes a ranking based on the patient’s reactions after each olfaction. For a targeted action, it is also possible to use concentrated essences in synergy.


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