What are the conditions treated by carrot essential oil?

The benefits of carrots are not only seen in the kitchen. The extraction of its seeds and their transformation produce an essential oil of carrot with therapeutic virtues. Nevertheless, it is important to distinguish between two carrot-based essential oils. The first comes from the wild plants known by the Latin name var. maximus. The second, which has many properties, is obtained by extracting seeds from cultivated carrots or var. sativa.

Carrot essential oil: its benefits on the body

I’carrot essential oil var. sativa offers many health benefits:

  • Its regenerating property contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin and the formation of mucous membranes. Its use therefore helps to prevent wrinkles or skin aging ;
  • It has actions: stimulating and detoxifying. It ensures both the stimulation of liver cells and blood circulation. This oil is rich in alcohol. These are involved in the regeneration of liver cells. This will then stimulate the bile ducts;
  • the carotol present in this oil helps the blood vessels to constrict. This will promote blood pressure and the cardiovascular system;
  • Carrot essential oil is rich in molecules that slow down the development of fungi on the skin or hair. Among these molecules are beta-caryophyllene and daucol. Thanks to this blockage, it has an antibacterial property;
  • It has properties: diuretic and neurotonic.

This product is also very practical in the field of well-being thanks to its content of monoterpenes.

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Indications for use of this product

With its various virtues, thecarrot oil proves to be a good natural treatment for many conditions:

  • By stimulating the blood vessels, it is very effective in case of hypotension;
  • It makes it possible to remedy urinary tract infections as well as certain renal disorders;
  • It treats different liver ailments like cirrhosis ;
  • Its regenerating property indicates it as a good remedy for all types of skin disorders. It can intervene in case of problems of eczema, acne or furuncle. Carrot essential oil provides hydration to your skin. It turns out to be a natural anti-burn remedy;
  • Professionals recommend it in case of stress, memory problems or depression.

You can also use it to make beauty or well-being treatments.

The different ways to use this oil

There are different possible ways of using carrot essential oil depending on the treatment sought:

  • To treat skin conditions, it is used in skin application. To do this, try to mix 5% or a drop of this oil with vegetable oils before applying it;
  • You can use it as massage oil in the treatment of liver problems, low blood pressure or digestive problems. Nevertheless, it should always be mixed with other vegetable oils;
  • It is used orally, but only on the advice of a therapist;
  • It is compatible with diffusion by nebulization, by misting or by gentle heat;
  • It is also possible to take advantage of its virtues by inhalation. Just put a few drops on a tissue and inhale for about 2 minutes.

Are there any precautions to take when using it?

Like all Essential oil, the carrot-based one has some contraindications. To do this :

  • It should not be used by pregnant women under 3 months and on newborn babies. Nevertheless, pregnant women over 3 months and children over 12 months can use it, but on medical recommendation;
  • It should not be used if you have an intolerance to essential oils or if you suffer from seizures.
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