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Due to its history, the laurel came from the Mediterranean regions and belongs to the family of lauraceae (lauraceae). This plant grows easily and quickly, the scientific name of which is laurusnobilis. Indeed, it can reach more than 8 m high in a short time. This gift of nature, also called laurel of Apollo or laurel sauce, has various therapeutic qualities. It has more of an action and an appetizing virtue. It is a largely curative plant composed of an oily substance, lactones and alkaloids.

The laurel is used for what purpose?

It improves overall health. Indeed, it acts almost on the whole organism. It cures several infections: respiratory, renal, cardiac, dental, cerebral and cutaneous. The laurel also treats various flu-like conditions (coughs, colds, headaches). He ensures the fight against muscle and joint pain. It soothes fever and sinusitis. It supports digestion and serves to reduce flatulence, abdominal pain and spasms. It is antibacterial, aperitif, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.

Form and instructions for use in phytotherapeutic treatment

You can take it orally or on the skin. The leaves and berries are distributed in bottles of creams, pure plant essence, lotions, decoctions, spray and infusions (from its pleasantly green young leaves).

Laurel: strengths, vigor and alternative preparations

With very pleasant and pleasantly scented flavors, the laurel offers a wide choice of uses. It is not only useful for its healing benefits, but also for its cosmetic, decorative and dietary benefits. Indeed, it arouses your culinary creativity and increases the taste pleasure. He treats and gives a good shine to the hair. It decorates reception rooms or gardens.

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Here are some ideas for figuring out the dosage:

  • For favorably reduce the level of blood sugar and cholesterol in the bloodyou just need to take 1 to 3 g of leaves daily for 1 month.
  • The infusions come from a maceration of 15 g of leaves in a liter of water. This liquid preparation is to be taken two to three times a day outside of meals.
  • For decoctions it is necessary to take 50 g and 1 l of water.
  • His Essential oil is particularly useful in carrying out massages (only a few drops).

General contraindication?

There’s no room for fear and danger with Laurel. Indeed, this healing herb is absolutely risk-free. Also, like any other food, it should be taken in moderation. If you doubt the quantity to consume, do not hesitate to consult a competent practitioner. It should also be noted that it should be avoided during pregnancy and during periods of breastfeeding.


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