What are the healing properties of the Luesinum strain?

It is the family of nosodes that hosts Luesinum, which is a biotherapeutic. In fact, it primarily designates a lysate of treponemal serosa from primary syphilitic chancres. First introduced to the field of medicine by the homeopath Swan in the 1880s. It is a homeopathic strain considered to be very effective in the maintenance and prevention of health. Mainly recommended in the treatment of various infections and inflammations, this medication is a real ally for the body. Luesinum ranks among the different homeopathic strains that are used mostly in self-medication.

Luesinum: the usefulness of this medicinal product

On the therapeutic level, Luesinum is mainly used for its effectiveness in dermatology and for its action on the rheumatology problems. In fact, it relieves otitis, rhinitis, alopecia, ichthyosis, palmoplantar psoriasis, fissural and dry dermatoses. It also treats headaches, neuralgia, insomnia, severe mental disorders and anxiety. Luesinum can help undecided and unstable patients. He supports physical health and mental well-being of an individual.

Here are all the other indications of the Luesinum in homeopathy and the inflammations it can treat:

  • neuronal degeneration,
  • arteriosclerosis,
  • severe high blood pressure,
  • Bone pain, osteitis, periostitis,
  • Nocturnal arthralgia, osteo-arthritis of the knees, painless arthropathies,
  • Lyme disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis.

Duration of cure and proportion of use

In homeopathy, the Luesinum strain comes in the form of globules, granules, mother tincture, oral solution in ampoules and drops. Specialists do not report any contraindications to the use of this kind of medicine. It is even recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.. In addition, it can be delivered by the pharmacist without a medical prescription. Moreover, Luesinum is a homeopathic strain that is sometimes difficult to handle. Therefore, it is advisable not to abuse low dilutions in order to avoid aggravation of symptoms. By consulting a homeopathic doctor, the patient can take advantage of the appropriate dosage for his case.

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Recommendations for doses:

  • Nocturnal insomnia (15 CH, one globule dose/week),
  • Evolution of arteriosclerosis lesions (15 CH, one dose globule every 15 days),
  • For the treatment of pain, headaches and neuralgia, prefer the high dilution (15 to 30 CH at the rate of one dose twice a month),
  • In case of Lyme disease and in addition to conventional treatment, take Luesinum in high dilution (15 or 30 CH, one dose twice a month),
  • For resolve behavioral problemsin high dilution, take 3 granules in 9 CH every evening or Luesinum 15 to 30 CH, one dose twice a month.


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