What are the health benefits of centella asiatica?

As its name suggests, centella asiatica is naturally planted in Asia. But, Oceania is also part of his country of origin. This herbaceous (semi-aquatic) plant belongs to the prominent Apiaceae family. It has two scientific names: pennywort asiatica (formerly) and centella asiatica (today). It is known for its many virtues (bodily, cerebral and dermal). Steroids, hermaphrodites, phytosterols, carotenoids and stolons are the main constituents of this plant. This tiger grass causes an antioxidant effect. Other names: violet-brown, pegaga, pennywort, frog grass, gotu kola, water bowl, etc.

Centella asiatica for different treatments

It is a natural resource of healing benefits. Its performance was demonstrated a long time ago in alternative medicine (Chinese and Ayurvedic). Mainly, instilled in the treatment of diseases including skin: it soothes the pain of burning; facilitates wound healing; relieves irritation or itching (periodontitis, psoriasis, ulcer, eczema); repairs tissues; ensures the elasticity of the skin; treats varicose veins and treats lepers.

It is also the best solution for fix venous insufficienciesdeterioration of the nervous system, hypotension and hemorrhoid.

Centella asiatica: preparation, form and dosage

In herbal medicine, drugs under separate figures are available. To note :

  • The decoction of the leaves to repair high blood pressure,
  • Infusions, put 1 tablespoon of leaves in ½ liter of water. Drink three times a day or direct application to the areas to be treated,
  • Extracts (capsules) to treat microangiopathy,
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There are also other forms: creams, ointments, compresses, ointments, plasters and essential oils.

Exceptional measures for mother tinctures:

  • 1st day: 50 drops in three doses
  • 2nd day: 30 drops always in three doses
  • 3rd day: 60 drops, this time in a single dose

Centella asiatica (anti-aging) and its miracle properties

One can use centella asiatica for :

  • Make salads with its leaves (raw).
  • Manufacture of cosmetic products (thanks to the presence of triterpenes and saponosides).
  • Streamline blood circulation.
  • Relieve heavy legs.
  • Improves cognitive faculties while stimulating the regeneration of neurons and the agility of the brain.
  • Soothe asthenia, epilepsy and anxiety.

For Sri Lankan women, the regular consumption of two leaves means delaying old age. It also has an aphrodisiac, anxiolytic, rejuvenating and appetizing action.

What to remember when using centella asiatica

No surprise or risk if you respect the dose. The centella asiatica is especially not recommended for children and individuals suffering from any allergy (especially caused by plants belonging to this species, that is to say the Apiaceae).


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