What are the health benefits of Dioscorea villosa?

Dioscorea villosa is a homeopathic remedy made from the dried rhizome of the plant of the same name, also commonly known as yam or wild yam. It is a plant of the Dioscoreaceae family and is widely distributed in countries with tropical and humid climates. Examples include Florida, Texas and Massachusetts.

In nature, yum distinguished by its pointed-tipped foliage and small, tightly packed flowers. The stems are creeping like vines.

Wild yam is also rich in active ingredients, which explains its interest in the world of natural medicine. Among the bioactive agents, the one that stands out the most is diosgenin. Other compounds like tannins, sterols and starch are also present.

In which cases should this homeopathic remedy be used?

Dioscorea villosa is effective in the treatment of pain of all kinds. It is particularly useful in the treatment of those who experience improvement following extension or hyperextension of the affected area. As a result, it greatly improves the daily life of people who suffer from it.

First, this drug is important in treatment of pain in the abdominal viscera. In general, symptoms tend to worsen when the patient is in a sitting or flexed position. This is where this remedy comes into action by reducing the violence of spasms and pain.

Secondly, it relieves the contractions that often accompany gynecological conditions. One distinguishes, among others, the menstrual pains, uterine pains and those which occur at the time of the childbirth.

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Finally, its other indications are:

  • gastric pain
  • Neuralgia and sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Back pain

It should be noted that the symptoms of these conditions have approximately the same characteristics.

When and how to take it?

Dioscorea villosa is to be taken orally only in its pure form or dissolved in water for children. Depending on the degree of pain intensity, take 5 to 15 CH dilution granules in close doses.

  • Abdominal colic: 5 pellets in 9 CH several times a day as needed
  • Gastric cramps: 5 pellets in 9 CH to be taken every 10 minutes
  • Gynecological pain: 5 granules of 9 CH to be taken as many times as necessary
  • Lower back pain: 2 granules in 5 CH to consume 3 times a day
  • Sciatica: 5 pellets in 9 CH to be taken 3 times a day

It is advisable to space out the doses as soon as signs show an improvement in symptoms.

In addition, each dose must be taken 1 hour after ingesting meals and foods that tend to tighten the tissues such as mint, coffee or tobacco.


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