What are the health benefits of vegetable walnut oil?

The walnut, by its scientific name Juglans regia, is a tree that belongs to the botanical family of Juglandaceae. It grows mainly in certain regions of France and other Asian countries. From its nuts, we extract a vegetable oil renowned both in cosmetics and in the food industry.

How is this vegetable oil presented?

I’walnut vegetable oil is yellow in color with a slight shade of green or gold. Its smell is fruity and evokes that of walnuts.

As for its texture, it is thick. On the other hand, the taste is both pronounced and fragrant.

What are its chemical constituents?

The chemical composition of walnut vegetable oil depends on the production conditions. Nevertheless, whatever its origin, the main components are essential fatty acids, saturated and monounsaturated.

We also note the presence of vitamins and other non-saponifiable bodies.

How are fatty acids distributed?

Walnut vegetable oil contains a high in essential or polyunsaturated fatty acids. Indeed, these represent more than 55% of total fatty acids. Linoleic acid or omega-6, for example, has an average content of 53 to 55%. That of omega-3 or linolenic acid is 12 to 15%.

Here is the breakdown of the rest of the fatty acids:

  • Omega-9 or oleic acid: up to 23%
  • Palmitic acid: 5%
  • Stearic acid: 3%

Other active agents are vitamins E and K1 as well as phytosterols and polyphenols.

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What are the recommendations for use?

In external use, this vegetable oil is applied locally to the skin or hair.

For internal use, it is administered orally and as a seasoning to enhance the flavor of dishes. It is indeed necessary to avoid bringing it to high temperature so as not to oxidize it.

What are its qualities in cosmetics?

On the skin, vegetable walnut oil has an emollient, softening, regenerating and nourishing effect. It is therefore suitable as care for dry and damaged skin.

In addition, due to its antioxidant properties, it prevents and slows down the effects of cellular aging. It thus helps to fight against wrinkles and stretch marks.

At the capillary level, it restores radiance and shine to dull, dry and damaged hair. It also contributes to nutrition and scalp strengthening.

Finally, it helps strengthen and repair damaged and brittle nails.

What are its health benefits?

The essential fatty acids of walnut vegetable oil participate in the improvement of the heart health and vascular. It prevents in particular hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis and stroke.

These fatty acids also improve cognitive abilities and prevent neurological conditions. In addition, they protect brain cells and the nervous system.

Other indications of this vegetable oil are inflammations of the skin, osteoporosis and anemia.


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