What are the homeopathic indications of the Petroleum remedy?

Petroleum’s homeopathic strain is derived from petroleum. Thus, the remedy Oleum petrae album is obtained from the homeopathic dilution of oil. In appearance, it is a colorless to pale yellow liquid. It has a characteristic smell. Oleum petrae album is practically insoluble in water.

There are many forms of Petroleum available in homeopathy. Like triturations, doses, drops, granules. There are also drinkable ampoules and suppositories. The basic materials of these many existing forms are different. Oral powder triturations are lactose-based. The doses globules and granules in addition to lactose also contain sucrose. The others are hydro-alcoholic solutions. These are ampoules, drinkable drops and mother tinctures.

Under what circumstances is the use of the homeopathic remedy Petroleum recommended?

The scope of this Petroleum remedy is very limited. Petroleum is used in motion sickness. The smell of gasoline and car exhausts aggravate this ailment.

Oleum petrae album is also prescribed in case of diarrhea during the day but also nausea at night. These discomforts occur especially after the consumption of cabbage.

It is a very useful remedy in case ofwinter skin disease. These are conditions that are caused by the cold. They are manifested by eczema, cracks, cracks or frostbite. Lesions may be dry or oozing causing itching. These are very painful lesions. In this case, the skin is usually thick.

How to correctly use the Petroleum remedy in homeopathy?

For prevent motion sickness, take 3 to 5 granules in the morning, noon and evening. Catches must be made the day before and the day of departure. A dilution of Petroleum of 5 CH is used. If symptoms appear, take this remedy every 30 minutes. Do not stop taking it until there is an improvement in vomiting and nausea.

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In case of’skin condition, take 3 to 5 granules morning and evening. A 9 CH dilution of Petroleum should be used. Its use can be associated with the use of a moisturizer. This will prevent dry lesions of the skin. But the lesions must at the same time be protected against aggressive external agents. Like cold or household products. After a few days of treatment, the lesions should be relieved. In case there is aggravation or no relief, one must immediately consult a doctor. We can then confirm whether the condition is benign or not.

The Petroleum remedy is taken apart from meals, coffee, mint and tobacco. Thus, we just let the two forms melt, which are the granules and the doses under the tongue. You can also dissolve these two forms in a little water. It is a specific indication for infants. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can use the Petroleum remedy.


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