What are the indications for Vaccinotoxinum in homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method. The therapy consists of giving the patient a substance in infinitesimal doses. These substances are called “homeopathic remedies”. These remedies cause symptoms in a healthy person comparable to that of the patient. With homeopathic methods, the law of similarity is advocated.

Homeopathic strains are taken from the three great kingdoms of nature. They are the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom and the organic kingdom. However, approximately 60% of homeopathic remedies come from the plant kingdom. Generally, the whole plant is used but sometimes it is just a part that is taken.

Where does the homeopathic strain of Vaccinotoxinum come from?

The homeopathic strain Vaccinotoxinum is obtained from a crude vaccine. It’s an infinitesimal dilution of the smallpox vaccine. She falls under the biotherapy. It can be observed in different forms. Like doses, granules, drops, triturations, drinkable ampoules and suppositories.

In what cases should this remedy be used?

The therapeutic indications of Vaccinotoxinum are the herpes, molluscum and shingles. More clearly, it is effective for fight against molluscum contagiosum, but also shingles with neuralgic sequelae. It is also useful in case of late reactions to smallpox vaccination.

The basic materials of the granules and doses are sucrose and lactose. The only composition of powder triturations is lactose. Leftovers are hydro-alcoholic solutions. These are drops, mother tinctures and ampoules.

What are these terms of use?

Recommended dose:

The dosage varies according to the ailments to be treated and the actions expected. You can use this homeopathic remedy as preventive and curative in herpes. To use it for curative purposes, take 1 dose of vaccinotoxinum 9 CH immediately. As for its use for preventive purposes, take 1 dose of 15 CH per month.

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For treat shingles, take 1 dose with a dilution of 15 CH per week. The intake must continue until recovery. As for the treatment of molluscum contagiosums, take 1 dose of vaccinotoxinum 9 CH per week. The treatment lasts 2 months.

To remedy delayed general reactions to smallpox vaccinationa dose thereof can be used.

Suppositories should be diluted at least 7 CH.

Instructions on how to consume the strain:

This remedy is taken apart from coffee, mint, tobacco but also from meals. As a mode of consumption, the doses and granules are allowed to melt under the tongue.

It is a remedy that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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