What are the indications of Mezereum in homeopathy?

Mezereum is a species of plants known scientifically as Daphne mezereum. It is a shrub that belongs to the Thymelaeaceae family. The flowers appear in February before the leaves. They are red or pink in color and release a pleasant smell. These fruits are red colored berries. They ripen between July and September. The berries are eaten by many birds. Birds which thus allow their dissemination. But these fruits are toxic to mammals. The mother tincture is made from the bark of the fresh stem which is harvested in the spring. During this period, the flowers do not appear yet.

The four forms available for the Mezereum remedy are granules, drops, triturations and doses.

Under what circumstances should this remedy be used?

The homeopathic indications of the remedy Mezereum are very numerous. Thus, it can be used in case of impetigo and oozing eczema. Also, it treats other rashes characterized by blisters that contain a whitish liquid. Liquid which with age turns brown. The eruptions are also manifested by the presence of thick whitish crusts. The scabs contain a thick, irritating fluid.

He soothes the acute pruritus sine materia or chronicle. It is recognized by itching in the absence of dermatological lesions. Also, Mezereum is useful in case of itching aggravated by the heat of the bed. This itching changes location after scratching.

It is effective for treat zoster nerve pain or postherpetic. These other therapeutic indications are:

  • Painful sinusitis: accompanied by a burning sensation in the nose.
  • Burning pains: usually occurring at night. They are localized on the surface of the bones, in particular at the level of the tibia.
  • Varicella
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How to correctly use the Mezereum remedy in homeopathy?

We take the Mezereum remedy apart from tobacco, meals, coffee and mint. The two forms, the doses and the granules, are left to melt under the tongue.

For treat oozing eczema, take 5 granules at a dilution of 15 CH. You can renew the catch if necessary as in itching. The course of treatment for eczema is 1 month. The same dose and the same dilution to be taken morning, noon and evening for 1 week treats impetigo.

In case of pruritus sine materia, take 5 granules of 7 CH morning and evening for 2 months. At the time of itching, you can renew the intake of 5 granules.

The itching aggravated by heat are treated with 5 granules morning and evening of 15 CH. You can renew the intake of the 5 granules at the time of the itching. The duration of treatment is 3 months.

In case of zoster or post-zoster nerve pain, take 5 granules of 15 CH morning and evening. The same dose and dilution also treats painful sinusitis. But this time, the catch is done at the time of pain for 1 week. 5 granules of 5 CH to be taken in the evening for 3 months soothes bone pain.

Chicken pox is treated with 5 granules of 15 CH to be taken morning, noon and evening for 1 week. Mezereum can be combined with other homeopathic remedies for this indication. Like Croton tiglium and Rhus toxicodendron.


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